Tuesday 30 April 2019

Jager The Ultimate Holiday Hanger | Guest Post

Made for Travel, Helpful at Home and Eco-friendly by Design.

Want to “Marie Kondo” holiday packing? Introducing  Janger, the perfect packing hack for travels this year. The lightweight, compact and eco-friendly hanging hack is now available to Brits for the first time in packs of 10 (£2.50) or packs of 20 (£3.50). 

Transform travels and say goodbye to living out of a suitcase. Jangers make packing bags to go on holiday a breeze. Just attach, pack and go to enjoy crease-free clothes, worry less about luggage and more about sunning by the pool. Hang everything from hats to flip-flops to make travel easy and keep holiday clutter-free.

Once a trip is over, Jangers are the ideal answer to tackle overflowing wardrobes and save space to hang more clothes. Brits can accessorise their wardrobes and make them pop with Janger’s tropical range, featuring the hanger in aqua green, bubblegum pink, lemon yellow, red hot and sky blue. Or go sleek and sophisticated with Janger’s monochrome black, white and silver pack.
Easy to transport. Jangers are 60 times smaller than a multi-part slide hanger. That means Janger uses fewer lorries and less fuel to transport, meaning a smaller carbon footprint and a greener planet. And the Janger is 100% recyclable, made with three times less plastic than a standard hanger. 

As well as keeping lives clutter-free, colourful and eco-friendly, Janger also donates 5% of every purchase to Please Take Me There; a charity that provides free transport for seriously ill children, adults, and their families, helping them access the lifesaving healthcare they need.

Janger likes to save energy and responsibly use Earth’s resource. The hangers also take just one-seventh of the energy to make compared to a traditional hanger; resulting in a guilt-free solution. 
Attach Jangers to clothes. Pack your bags and save space. Go have fun on holiday! Available in nine colours, RRP from £2.50. Visit www.thejanger.com to shop the full range.