Monday 20 January 2020

Tips For A Successful Blog

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AD | Hello my lovelies! Starting a blog of your own can not just be daunting but hard these days as there are so many bloggers now online that you want your website to be original but also stand out so, I wanted to share some of my top tips on how to start a successful blog and how to keep your blog successful and get it noticed on this big world of interweb. This is packed with tons of information and is pretty long so go and get yourself a snack, drink and maybe even a notepad to take some notes?

| Find Your Niche | The great thing about blogging is that you'll find so many other writers who you will relate to, but also readers of your own that will relate to you. You need to find your own niche that you fit into and work with that. Are you writing about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, music, gaming, family-based posts? Whatever it is find your niche and stay on topic with it.

| Write About What You Love | I've seen so many bloggers over the years buying the brand new expensive makeup palette just to review it even though they would never wear the colours in the palette itself. Do not do this. Write about something you love, otherwise you'll show no passion in your writing and people will get bored.

| Make Commenting Easy | One of my biggest hates in blogging is being involved in a bloggers comment thread, spending ten minutes reading a long blog post and then having to search the page on where to be able to leave comment - if people can interact on your blog, they'll keep coming back for more. However, be aware that not every post you publish is going to be commented on, this doesn't mean that people hated it, it just means that maybe they didn't know what to say. Keep going.

| Accept Negativity | Negativity is always going to be around, even with blogging so don't ever let it put you off doing what you love. Not everyone is going to agree with you and that's okay, how boring would it be in everyone in the world had the same views and opinions. Just remember some people were brought up with the manner of "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" and some people were brought it with no matters at all - make sure you recognise the difference between negativity and bullying. Remember that any comment left on your website you have the right to delete.

| Write Short But Great Posts | There is nothing I hate more than a massive post with no pictures or links and nothing to stand it out. Kind of like this one actually! From my experience readers prefer to scan posts if they're a massive post rather than read every last bit of it so try to keep your posts easy to-the-point readers, however, from an ECO point of view keep your posts about 250 words at least. You can always separate long worded posts into sections like I've done here making it easy for your readers to find what they need.

| Spell Check | Another blogging hate of mine is people who publish posts when they can't splel wrods prpoelry. Your writing is really crucial and you need to check your spelling before you publish anything online, bad spelling will not only ruin your credibility but it will also damage your SEO as the search engines won't appreciate rushed or poor posts so make sure you check everything before you hit publish. Grammarly* is perfect for helping anyone who may struggle with their spellings, like me, or don't know where to put their comments and full-stops. Download it for free via their website now!

| Create Great Images | Readers love pictures, it's probably why Instagram is such a big successful social media app. Images are essential when it comes to publishing posts so make sure you provide as many as possible and give your readers images to enjoy, make them stand out and be original. I get sent my background paper for my images from an awesome company Murals Wallpaper* but you can pick up wallpaper samples easily from your local supermarket or DIY store. Find pretty but cheap blog accessories like plants, candles or gems online or in your local pound stores to make your pictures that bit more original.

| Post Regularly | In so many ways your blog is almost like your online journal so when it comes to being noticed posting regularly is a massive must. Juggling life and a website can be tricky but try your hardest to keep your blog updated with at least one article a week. Have a day one a week to write and schedule new posts so there is always something happening on your website. That way when your articles automatically upload when you're away from your desk, your SEO is still staying active. If you're SEO is one of your biggest priorities then you'll need to be blogging every single day to stay noticed. However, don't put too much pressure on yourself and realise things take time - having time away is important too!

| Be Active In The Blogging Community | Make sure that you stay active on other social media websites, and keep updating them. I've personally found that Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest help me stay social with my blog and they're great websites to promote on too. Get involved in some bloggers twitter chats and make friends whilst promoting your website. Click here to see my list of bloggers twitter chats, what times and days they're hosted and each chat even has a clickable link to all hosts!

| Contact Brands | This can be a scary one for so many bloggers as not everyone has the confidence to get in touch with brands and tell them about their blog, thankfully for you I recently shared a Blogger PR Email Pitch Sample on my website which you can copy and paste then fill in the blanks with your own unique information, then all you need to do is email it out to as many brands as possible that you would love to work with and wait for them to get back to you. If you're wanting to grow your website From a Blog to a Business then maybe sure you do your research, understand it won't happen overnight and read as much information as possible on doing so as it's not an easy thing to do. However, remember blogging is a big world and brands may turn you away sometimes, that's okay, it just means you need to work extra hard to keep growing and learning. Check out my article about Blogging and Sponsorship Tips for more information and advice on working with brands.

| Create A Media Kit | If you're wanting to work with brands then you need to think seriously and create yourself a media kit, and most importantly make sure it's original, stands out and is always getting updated. Creating your own media kit is easier than it sounds but if you think that you do need help then check out the Canva website to make yourself one with a step by step guide. If you need advice on what to put in your media kit then make sure you check out my article all about things to include in your media kit.

| Watch Your Analytics | Keep a record of how people are coming to your website and what they're using to get there. Are they coming from one of your social media pages, another blog website or maybe even searching for you on a search engine? Also, if you invest in some online advertising for your website your analytics will also help determine your ROI (return of investment) and whether it's working or not. Keep track of your analytics and ensure your blog is doing exactly what you want it to be doing.

| Believe In Yourself | Believing in yourself and your website is a big must, who else is going to do so if you don't? If your blog is only getting more than around one thousand visitors per month, it's only natural that you may lose confidence in yourself and your writing - don't stop and keep at it! There is a reason why one-thousand people have logged on to your website and kept reading, they enjoy what you do so as long as you're still enjoying it keep going and believe in yourself.

What are your top tips when it comes to keeping your website successful? What do you think of my advice? Is it something you are going to take on board when it comes to your own website? I'd love to know your thoughts so please leave me a comment below. Wishing you all a wonderful day!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. Really useful tips! Thank you. :)
    My blog is essentially me in blog form - it's about whatever fads I'm into and whatever advice I have to impart after recovering from illness and trauma. Crafts, poetry,'s a mix. Difficult to build an audience when you cover different topics, though I suppose my personality is the glue in that case. Any advice appreciated. :)

  2. Thanks for the tips! I am trying to improve my photos xx

  3. This is such a great post! The tips are all really good and I’m definitely going to be using some of them. I need to start looking at my analytics more! X

  4. Any new blogger should read this post Alisha! I totally agree with you on the making commenting easy on your blog. I hate it when I have to search high and low for a comment box! x

    Lucy |

  5. As someone wanting level up my blog, I really appreciate this. I’m still trying to narrow down my niche but I really wanting to work at it. Again the comment box and search for it is such a pet peeve of mine. Though I am determined to start contacting brands this year once my blog has migrated over to self hosted.

  6. This is such great advice! I was put off from making a media kit because I thought it would be too difficult. I'm using your post as a guide. Great images are so important to achieve success in the blogging world. The presentation of your work can be just as important as the content. xxx

  7. I am one of those people that compare the interactions with my blog each time I post a new one. One time i'll get loads of comments and the next time I post and I don't get as many, I start to doubt myself thinking it wasn't a good enough post, but I love how you said to keep going and that maybe people didn't know what to say. I need to remind myself that even if no one sees my post, I still love writing and thats the real reason for blogging.

    I also would love to read a post about contacting brands, when is the right time? how many site visits or views do you need? What exposure are brands looking for etc... would be really interesting for someone who's new to the blogging scene to read! Thanks :)

    1. If you put 'blog advice' into my search bar, a few posts like this will come up. 💗

  8. Really useful tips. I think your last point, believing in yourself, is one of the most important and overlooked things.

  9. Keeping on top of you analytics is something that I've been doing lately and it's working a treat for me, I've really been able to pin point what works for me and what doesn't. These are great tips x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌟

  10. These are all such great tips! I am a new blogger so I appreciate all the tips and wisdom I can receive. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Absolutely fabulous tips! Thank you so much for sharing them. I can only dream of getting 1000 views a month though. If I get that over the first year, I’ll be happy.

    Is also agree that believing in yourself should be a priority. I’ve got loads of posts sitting in my drafts, but I haven’t posted them yet because I don’t think they are good enough. I need to snap out of that mindset and believe in myself more.

  12. I think that being active in the community is one of the best things to do for your blog. I kind of neglected that part last year, so I'm trying to get back to it this year!

    Kayleigh x

  13. So many great tips here! What stood out for me was accepting negativity. Not me in particular, I don't really care. But I witnessed this just today when a blogger got called out for not following rules in a share thread and she became defensive and passive aggressive. It's not a good look at all.

    I also like the part about posting consistently as it builds trust with your readers. And last but not the least, believing in yourself. Many bloggers get a shock at how overwhelming blogging can be and soon give up. It's crucial to your success as a blogger to never give up. I nearly gave up in April of last year and I'm so glad I didn't. My blog is growing faster than I expected and if I'd given up, I never would have experienced this.

    Really loved your post, thank you!

  14. These are great ideas that I can utilize to improve my blog. I'm always searching for new ways to level up my little corner of the Internet <3

    --Athena Christy

  15. Love this post. Such great tips. I probably struggle more with posting regularly than anything. Ugh...

  16. Great advice here alisha. Even as someone who has been blogging for a while these tips are really useful. Thank you x

  17. I always find analytics so interesting definitely worth keeping an eye on. But I think writing the kind of content you love and believing in it is such an important message to take away x


  18. Oh the commenting!! I wish more people would realize if you make people jump through hoops to comment...they just won't. GREAT list for bloggers. Also loving the Blog pitch sample.

  19. This was so so so so helpful! Thank you so much, Alisha! I love how you gave some great tips and advice, but were also so positive! I think as bloggers we all need to hear that encouragement sometimes ;) I'll be bookmarking this post so I can come back and check on things to improve my blog. Wonderful post!!! xoxo

    Emily |

  20. Great tips! I agree with writing about what you love!! x

    - Charlotte /

  21. I absolutely love this post my darling!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  22. Thanks I really needed these tips.

  23. I love my blog, but sometimes I get discouraged. Some days I work all day on my blog and nothing happens. But I will definitely take some of these tips with me, so that I can stay encourage.

  24. These are all super great tips - I know that I struggle with writing short posts haha. I love to write reviews, so I like to provide as much information as possible because I never want anyone to feel as though they've waisted their money buying something I've recommended.

    Also, Grammarly is *SUCH* a lifesaver when it comes to proofreading. I wish had a paid subscription, but I cannot justify that right now given that my blog has yet to turn a profit and I'm still in in Uni / working PT.

    Also, the Blogging Community is def so key to success and it was what helped me to grow my blog and to make friends. Without genuine friendships from other bloggers, I'm not sure I'd still be blogging today.

  25. Great post! Thanks for all the tips. I definitely need to start reaching out to brands more but it’s so nerve racking isn’t it?!.

    Charlie |

  26. Thanks for the information.

    I found it very helpful, and the links to other posts, which are also very helpful.

    Thanks for the helpful tips!!

  27. Brilliant post Alisha! I'll be taking these on board for my new blog xx

    Olivia |

  28. This is a very helpful list to have a successful blog. I love the last part - believe in yourself. Blogging is hard work and without belief in your abilities and persistence, then all the rest might as well not exist.

  29. Thanks for sharing these tips. I think they apply to all bloggers. Old and new. I think some of them will be useful for me to keep in mind. But I also know others (word count) won't be an easy feat ��. This is a great post! Keep it up.

  30. Writing about what you love is a big thing for me because I find that posting regularly is easy when I’m posting things that I really care about. Thanks for this fun post full of some great insight into blogging!

  31. Very precise and to the point! Thanks for sharing this.

  32. So many good points - if I could make my blog as successful as yours, I'd be very happy!