Thursday, 15 November 2018

Pre-Christmas Cleaning Tips | Guest Post

Worried about where to start with the pre-Christmas clean? Online home and garden retailer BuyDirect4U* has a range of tools and tips to help with the cleaning countdown to the most wonderful time of the year, so you can banish dirt and get your home organised with the latest products and techniques.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Cordially Invited | Book Review

As any of my family and friends will tell you, I'm a massive lover of hosting dinner parties, celebration parties and any basically any excuse of a party to get all of my favourite people together for a wonderful time and to make some memories so when I was sent a copy of Zoella's new book Cordially Invited, I was thrilled!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Vanilla Flap Jack Recipe | Guest Post

Vanillalicious Protein-Packed Flapjack

This energy-boosting, protein-rich flapjack using Vanillalicious milkshake is extra gooey and creamy and perfect for lunch boxes. The addition of fruit and seeds makes it extra tasty.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Vaxxed | My Life

My name is Alisha Valerie Gerrard, I’m thirty years old and I was born and raised in Liverpool England. Before I was six years old my hobbies were: ballet, gymnastics, majorettes and climbing trees looking for conkers in the local park. Just after my sixth birthday, I received the MR Vaccination at school - a regular vaccination given to all my classmates. That one vaccination changed my life forever and within a couple of weeks, I was stiff swollen and sore. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Chronic Arthritis as a side effect from the vaccination. It felt like my life was over, as I was no longer able to do all of my favourite hobbies due to being in so much pain. I was put on medication, which to this day I still say didn’t help, this was only the start...

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Hello November | 2018

Even though October is my favourite month of the whole year I am so happy that it's other with and it's finally November, I feel like October went on forever. It was a hard month.