Saturday 31 August 2019

What I Watched | August 2019

AD | Hello my lovelies! Some of you may remember that back in March I posted an article about "What I Watched" for the whole month, well it was such a hit that I've been asked time and time again by readers to share another post doing the same so that is what I decided to do this month.

Friday 30 August 2019

What's in My Over-Night Bag? | 2019

Hello my lovelies! You have probably noticed that this year my husband and I have been on a couple of overnight stays with the Travelodge* in a couple of lovely places in the UK, as it was one of my goals this year to travel around the UK a little bit more, and since I do get asked all of the time what I take with me, I thought I would do a blog post sharing so it can help out more people.

Monday 26 August 2019

Meals of The Week | August 2019

Hello my lovelies! You may remember ages and ages ago I posted a post back in February sharing my meals of the week, and since it went down so well and tons of my readers have asked me to do another one, I thought that's what I would share with you all this week.

Friday 23 August 2019

48 Hours In Chester | Travelodge

Hello my lovelies! You may remember back in February that I shared my "24 Hours in New Brighton" article and last month I shared my "24 Hours in Southport" article for Phil's birthday - well today, I'm sharing our trip to Chester for my birthday!

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Vegan Coconut and Vanilla Matcha Latte | DIY

AD | Hello my lovelies! What better way to wake up of a summers morning than with a homemade vegan coconut and vanilla matcha latte? Well now you can, with Pure Chimp Super Tea*'s Matcha Green Tea!

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Lace & Favour Shoes | Review

Hello my lovelies! Do you have a really special occasion coming up and you need some pretty shoes to make your outfit stand out but don't know where to start? Then look no further! Lace & Favour* have the most amazing selection of shoes with something to suit everyone...

Monday 19 August 2019

Our Bedroom Tour | Summer 2019

Hello my lovelies! I've been asked to share an article all about our bedroom in our new home, so that's exactly what I'm doing today. When we moved into our home there was nothing (and I mean nothing, we didn't even have a kitchen fitted when we viewed the house) so we have put a lot of hard work into doing it up to our own taste. I really hope you enjoy taking a peek inside our bedroom.

Friday 16 August 2019

Chester Zoo | Our Day Out

Hello my lovelies! For my birthday last month, I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the day exploring Chester Zoo* with my husband. We had such a great day and not only is the whole park accessible for wheelchair users and people with disabilities but the staff are so helpful and friendly too. Here is what we got up to...

Wednesday 14 August 2019

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner by Jessica Bishop | Book Review

AD | Hello my lovelies! I was recently contacted and asked if I would review "The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner by Jessica Bishop"* and after hearing about how awesome it is and seeing how beautiful and jam-packed it was, I just couldn't say no!

Monday 12 August 2019

What I Got For My Birthday | 2019

Hello my lovelies! I have been asked by some of my readers to share this post, so I would like to make clear that in no way shape or form am I trying to 'show off' about what I received for my birthday.

Friday 9 August 2019

Good Full Stop Bars | Review

Hello my lovelies! Hope you're all having the most wonderful Friday! A little while ago, I was given the chance to review some of the awesome Good Full Stop* bars which are vegan, gluten-free, great for slimming world members and one of your five a day - what more could you ask for?!

Wednesday 7 August 2019

LioBites Natural Snack and Heavenly Light | Review

AD | Hello my lovelies! Are you looking for the perfect summer snack for your lunch box but also want something super healthy and yummy? Then look no further...

Monday 5 August 2019

My Productive Self-Care Saturday Routine

Hello my lovelies! Saturday's for me are all about being super productive for organising the week ahead and having some important self-care time before a busy week. So, I wanted to share with you what my Saturday routine involves in the hope of giving you some motivation or ideas to add to your weekend routine to prep your upcoming week.

Thursday 1 August 2019

Hello August | 2019

Hello my darlings! As this blog post goes live I'm going to be on a birthday trip to Chester with my husband (hopefully) doing lots of exploring, shopping and generally having fun and making memories.