Friday 6 November 2015

BIG Autumn Haul [Part 1]

Hello beautifuls! It's autumn time, the air is crisp, what better time to wrap up warm and spent the time shopping? This blog post (as you know from the title, duh) is going to be a BIG Autumn Haul. A lot of bloggers and vloggers have been doing these last month and this month which I've found odd (is it just me?) but they have been lovely to read and watch and see what you all have been buying.

I didn't buy all of this stuff in one shop, these have been from several shopping trips and have all been (other than the home décor) inside the (now ripped) Primark bag sitting in my make up room. This blog post is being split into two blog posts as one is more fashion and home décor related and one is more beauty related so don't forget to come back and check out part two next Friday.

This is my BIG Autumn Haul Part 1:


I've been on the hunt for a new 2016 Diary for a few weeks as I always need to buy one months in advance as being a blogger a lot of things can planned months in advance so although it's only November posting this blog post it's really the end of October now when I'm writing this so a lot has been planned for next year already. I love this one as it's exactly the same colour as my 2015 diary and I love the colour. The days are a lot bigger in this diary too. I bought it from Amazon for around £6 I think, Amazon have some great ones on there already so if you are on the hunt for a new diary for next year I would recommend them highly to everyone.

There is a little shop in Liverpool's St John's Market which sells accessories of all kinds for all £1 each. There are scarf's, necklaces, hats, nail varnishes, false nails and lashes, etc. I think it's in the old Clarie's Accessories? But the store is awesome and although I don't remember the name of the store I would recommend popping into St John's Market if you are in Liverpool and checking it out. I needed a new headband for when I do my make up as Daisy got her paws on mine and chewed it all up so when I found these two in this store I couldn't resist buying them for just £1 each - bargain! They aren't the best made headbands (the Hello Kitty has came off the bottom headband as it was dropped on the floor) so I wouldn't recommend them to younger children for choking hazard reasons but for someone who just needs a headband to put on when doing their make up they are great.

I have worn this so much since buying it, I really love it. I am definitely very much a Day Dreamer so this top really is all me. This was from Primark and was only £5. I love the cosy comfortable style, I would recommend this top to everyone.

I've needed some new black leggins so my own ones the knees are all stretched out in them so these are just simple plan black leggins for only £3 and the bat leggins were in Primark's Halloween range but honestly I would wear them all year 'round and are priced at £5.

Grey lounge pants with pink detail to the pull in, these are some of the most comfortable pants I have ever worn in my whole life. Priced at only £8 they are the perfect pants for me this autumn and winter time to lounge at home with. More Primark leggins (I just love leggins so much!) and I don't know why they have shown up black on the camera as they are actually really a light grey. I love them as they feel like I am wearing pjs and again for only £3 they are a real bargain.

When I seen this Harry Potter PJ Top I just had to buy it, priced at only £10 again from Primark I think it's a real bargain. It's so big and comfortable, I bought it in a size 16-18 as I have massive boobies so a lot of clothes I can get are very tight on me and it is really big but cosy big. If you do want a more fitted one I would suggest either getting a size down from what you usually are or trying it on whilst in the store.

I bought these Harry Potter PJ Bottoms to go with the Harry Potter PJ Top above, they are again from Primark and are priced at £7. I'm not a fan of the ribbon for a bow as I don't think it suits the whole pattern and detail of both the bottoms and the top but I do really love the gold glittered stars.

I found the Harry Potter PJ top and the Harry Potter PJ bottoms so when I seen the Harry Potter socks I just had to buy them too. They aren't the best flurry socks I have bought or owned but they are good for price at £2.50 from Primark. I can image only getting a couple of weeks worth of wears out of these.

Other than the battery powered tea light candles (which are four for £1 from Home Bargains) everything else is from B&M Stores. I adore B&M Stores for home decor, and right now they have some beautiful things in. I have been after one of these block calendars for ages (there is even one on my Amazon Online wish list) and finding this for only £2 was amazing. The Budda tea light holders cost just £2, the mirror cost £1, the little fake rose flower in the vase was just £1, and the massive candle was only £1! Such beautiful bargains which make my living room look more beautiful.

I didn't actually buy this top but I wanted to include it in a haul blog post as it's so beautiful, and I am so gutted it doesn't fit me. My mum bought me from F&F at Tesco so I'm unsure of the price. I wanted to wear it with a white vest top, some brown or black pants and my riding boots for a lovely Autumn look. The boobies get in the way of everything! It's too small around my boob area so I am going to see if my mum would like it for herself so it doesn't go to waste.

As  probably all of you know by now I love leggins and jeggins, although sometimes they can be so thin I wanted a thicker pair for the autumn and winter time so I went on a little hunt and found these beautiful smokey grey jeggins in F&F at Tesco Stores for just £10. I love them!

My new gorgeous sparkly glittered shoes cost me £14 from F&F at Tesco and are so comfortable to wear. I've really gotten back into my glitter (my nails are red glittered at the moment) and when I found these with pink and purple glitter on them, I couldn't resist buying them. The eye mask is from Claire's Accessory's and cost £6. I have been wanting a new one for ages as Daisy chewed up my last one, so finding this really cute bear one made me so happy. It's so soft and comfortable to wear too.

Obviously now, this is a couple of weeks/months old, but I bought these and love that you get samples of Rimmel London's primer and foundation and a 007 perfume, plus two magazines. Although the picture of Britney doesn't look like her at all in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my Autumn Haul blog post part one, if you have an Autumn Haul blog post please let me know by commenting below or by tweeting me.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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