Thursday 15 November 2018

Pre-Christmas Cleaning Tips | Guest Post

Worried about where to start with the pre-Christmas clean? Online home and garden retailer BuyDirect4U* has a range of tools and tips to help with the cleaning countdown to the most wonderful time of the year, so you can banish dirt and get your home organised with the latest products and techniques.

Inside The Home

Expecting lots of guests? Don’t struggle for space to hang all of those coats and scarves, an over the door hanger is a great investment for the Christmas holidays as you can create extra storage when you need it most and avoid littering bannisters. The Charles Bentley decorative over door hanger features 10 hooks and fits most doors. Priced at £7.49.

Don’t clutter up utility rooms or storage cupboards with brooms and mops, create extra space for items you need to hand, from wine and beer to emergency wrapping paper and winter footwear. Install a handy mop and boom holder to keep everything tidy; it will ensure germs cannot fester and help with creating that much needed extra space. Priced at £8.99.

Be prepared for festive spills and kitchen mishaps by ensuring your cleaning supplies are up to scratch. The Charles Bentley power mop is an affordable cleaning tool that will keep tiled surfaces clean through the season. It benefits from a super absorbent sponge, a power scrub brush to remove stubborn dirt, a powerful wringing action to squeeze out surplus water and a squeegee to remove additional water from the floor surface. Priced at £8.99.

Keep the big Christmas clean natural with the Charles Bentley’s Heritage cleaning caddy. Based on traditional designs, the ostrich feather duster is a natural alternative to static cloths, as it attracts small dust particles, while the stiff bristles on the pot scrubber will come in handy for removing baked on dirt. Make the after dinner clean up easier by rubbing bicarbonate of soda around the pan with the scrubber. Priced at £12.99.

Outside The Home

It’s easy to be the best-decorated house on the street this Christmas with the Charles Bentley telescopic extension ladder. Suitable for safely putting up lights and decorations inside and out, as well as providing easy access to the loft, the telescopic ladder can be extended rung by rung to the required height and benefits from soft close anti-pinch protection for fingers. Extends to 3.8 metres. Priced at £76.99.

While you’ve got the ladders out, why not clean the windows at the same time. Forget cleaning your windows with soapy suds. Add two tablespoons of white vinegar to a bucket of warm water for a gleaming, streak-free finish. For effortless window cleaning, invest in a Charles Bentley bendy squeegee with an extendable and flexible handle, sponge head and squeegee edge. Priced at £6.99.

Be prepared for guests arriving in all weathers with the Charles Bentley snow shovel. It features a wooden handle and a wide scoop that is ideal for clearing snow and spreading salt – perfect for when you need to clear driveways and paths in a hurry. Priced at £8.99.

Wet weather, moss and fallen leaves can make paths slippery. The Charles Bentley moss buster deck broom, created in partnership with the National Trust, can be used to thoroughly clean outdoor surfaces. Its integrated scraper is ideal for removing moss, while its tough bristles in two lengths remove dirt, even from grooved areas. Combine with hot water for great results. Priced at £12.99. This collection of products is designed and manufactured by Charles Bentley & Son, which has over 155 years of specialist industry and product experience.

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