Thursday 14 April 2016

5 Things I'm Obsessed With

Princess Daisy

Of course this little one was going to be number one on my list, she is my little number one. For anyone who doesn't know this is our little miniature Jack Russell called Daisy, she was one years old on 1st January 2016 and she is the little light of our life - she really ties our little family together. If you're following me on my social media accounts you'll probably know Daisy already as I'm always taking about her and taking pictures of her. Daisy has her own little personality, she's stubborn, timbered, and very spoilt. She's just our little princess.

Make up and Beauty

I'm a beauty blogger - of course I'm obsessed with anything to do with make up or beauty. I have two Ikea Alex's full to the brim with products and more! To be fair, although not all girls love make up, most girls do and I am one of them girls who does love make up. Make up is basically my job and although I've said I own a lot of make up that is not me trying to brag or show off or anything at all, this is why I haven't put a picture up itself of my make up because there are so many "bullies" on the internet these days that I don't like the thought of my blog being trashed or left with bad comments. Make up, beauty and pampering is one of my favourite things ever.

Chinese Food

Oh My Love. Chinese food is my favourite food in the whole world. I love a good family Chinese meal catching up with us all around the table sharing what we've been up to and our memories from over the years. It really is one of my favourite things in the whole world. What I do need though is some really awesome easy simple recipes of Chinese food where I can actually cook because although I am a pretty okay cook, I can never actual cook Chinese food to save my life.

Lists, Lists, Lists

I suffer from anxiety badly and each day I must make at least two or three lists to keep my life as simple as possible and in order. It really helps getting it all out of my head and down onto a piece of paper that I can see exactly what I am doing each day so that I don't have all the things running around in my head of what I need to do so I can't stress myself out madly. I really recommend writing lists about everything to help you out if you have a lot to do, or you are stressed or you suffer from anxiety.

Cleaning Up

There has always been a little rule when I was growing up in my parents house which my dad used to say; "if it hasn't got a place, then it's not needed". Since Phil and me have moved in together I've always lived by that rule myself, I hate hoarding things or having things that I "might" need one day that I know deep down I will never use or need in my whole life. I like having everything sorted at home, so it's a clean, tidy and nice and relaxed at home. Plus a nice smelling house is one of the best things ever!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post, and getting to know me a little bit more. Do you like anything similar to me or have you got a blog post like this - let me know by commenting below?

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. CHINESE FOOD IS THE BEST! I am so in for Chinese food. Give me shrimp fried rice any day and I'll love you.

    S .x

    1. I'm more of a chicken curry and char sui foo yung girl myself but omg I do love Chinese food so much! <3

  2. Chinese food and Make up. I think we are one!
    Love how positive this post is and it's so interesting to read what makes other people happy :)