Sunday 1 May 2016

April Favourites | 2016

Hello beautiful's, it's the 1st May which means it's April Favourites time. Keep reading to find out what I have been loving in the month of April.

Everton FC Lad's Night In.

I was invited along to the Everton 'Lads Night In' evening a few weeks ago, and since I had an extra ticket and my dad is a massive Everton FC fan I took him along with me. To be honest I'm not a big Everton fan, I couldn't even name five of the players really, but one day when I was little Everton and Liverpool were playing a match and I picked a team and they won.. and from then on I've called myself an Everton fan. So really, I'm not exactly a fan, I just prefer Everton FC to any other football club going. Anyway, we were invited along and I didn't really know what to expect but after going I really cannot wait for next years event! It was so much fun, meeting a couple of players and hearing their stories about on and off the pitch and answering some questions - it was such a good night. I want to say a massive thank you to EFC for not only inviting me along but also for the free food and drink they supplied us with too!

WestleMania and Domino's.

I pretty sure I've mentioned this before on my blog, and I know I've mentioned it on my social media accounts, but I'm a big fan of WWE. If you didn't know already WWE has an event every year called WrestleMania, its a massive event, like you can't get bigger than WrestleMania and this year I was lucky enough to be given free Domino's to eat watching WrestleMania! Pizza and WWE means an awesome night anytime but free pizza for WrestleMania is beyond awesome!! Thank you so much to Domino's for our free munchies as it really made our night that extra big wonderful.

L'Oreal Gold Silk Day Cream.

I've mentioned loads already that I need a lot of calcium at the moment for my bones as they aren't in good shape at all. Then I became unwell, and I've spent most of this week in bed, so not getting the right amount of fresh air and vitamins in me has really taken its toll on me... but thankfully because of this little beauty it hasn't taken its toll on my skin.

Nivea Essential Care and Barry M Genie.

I have been loving two lip products this month; Nivea's Essential Care Lip Balm and Barry M's Genie Lip Paint. The lip balm has been perfect for my dry lips I've been getting recently, and the lip stick is just beautiful and the perfect shade for my lips.

I had my hair cut!

I've been debating doing this for a good few months now so I thought I would take the chance and have it cut into a shorter bob. I am so in love with the style of my hair right now - it's just perfect for me. Look how much was cut off! Thank you so much to Headz N Bedz Larkhill for doing it for me.

LYDC London Style Mixx Hologram Purse.

The amazing people from LYDC sent me this stunning new purse for free! I am totally in love with this, it comes with a strap so can also turn into a little bar as well - perfect for the summer time. Front zip is everything you need for a purse; money space, card holders etc, and the back zip is a big empty space to fit in your mobile phone and a lip product. I love it! Thank you so so much LYDC!

Drawing from Phil.

You may have seen this a little while ago on my instagram account but I wanted to wait and mention it in this blog post because it really is one of my favourites this month. My gorgeous amazing talented husband Phil drew me this picture of coming down the aisle on our wedding day. We actually have a photograph of us like this but the fact that he's taken the time to draw it for me is so special. I love drawings and handmade personal things so when he surprised me with this I was thrilled. I can't wait to buy a frame for it and put it up in our bedroom. Thank you so much again baby.

Tomb Raider and Oxenfree. 

Oh come on, doesn't everyone love the Tomb Raider games? I know I do. Rise of the Tomb Raider is awesome, I don't want to give too much away but... It's set one year after the events of Tomb Raider when Lara Croft is struggling to explain her experience of the supernatural on Yamatai. Whilst she's looking for answers, she turns to her late father's research into the lost city of Kitezh and the promise of immortality. The game is awesome, the graphics are awesome, and the story is awesome. I really can't say anymore without spoiling it for everyone so please just take my word for it and give this game a go!
The beautiful Katsy told me that I should try this game and as Phil and myself had recently finished Life is Strange and Tomb Raider we thought we would give it a go. Omg I am so glad that we did do! It's such a great game!


I seen this on Netflix UK whilst being unwell one day in bed and decided to give it a watch - since then I've watched it on my own, with Phil and with a friend. It's such an amazing documentary which follows two beautiful girls trying to find out who they actually are, what happened when they were babies, and where they came from. A French fashion design student named Anais Bordier stumbles upon a familiar face on YouTube - her own face! Finding the resemblance uncanny, she sends the video's American creator, Samantha Futerman, a message and the two discover that they are, in fact, identical twin sisters separated at birth. This amazing story is a must watch for everyone!

That's it for this time month's monthly favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know if there's anything you think I might like and it may appear in my next month's favourites blog post. I hope you're all having a wonderful day.

With love,
Alisha Valerie. x

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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  1. I love that bag!! It's stunning I adore metalically things. It's good its got a strap I used a clutch with a strap on holiday and they're perfect!

    Alisha x