Tuesday 10 May 2016

What's In My Bag? | Blog Event

Hello beautiful's! I get asked all the time what type of bag that I recommend someone taking when going to a blogging event, and I always give the same answer - it's not what bag you take, it's what you take in the bag which matters. Another question I get asked a lot from fellow bloggers is 'what do I take in my bag when attending a blogging event', so I've made this blog post to give you a sneak peak into my bag and hopefully help some of you out too.

Items pictured: 

Portable phone charger. You never know when your mobile is going to run out of charge!

Note pad and pen. You want to jot down anything which is said at the event so you don't forget it later on.

Emergency card. There are awesome! It has all of my allergies on it, my medical information and all bits and bobs that someone might need in an emergency.

Gaviscon. I get terrible heart burn.

Sunglasses. So you can hide away from any bright sunshine and protect your eyes.

Fold away bag. You can pick these up so cheap at places like pound shops or B&M stores. They are great for anything that won't fit in your bag which you may want to bring home with you but don't want to carry.

Purse and money. Obvious really isn't it?

Fold away hair brush. No one likes messy hair.

Hand sanitiser. You never know what you're touching when you're out and about.

Travel sized deodorant. No one wants to be sweaty and smelly.

Long lasting lip product. So you don't have to keep touching up your lips every half an hour.

Travel sized tissues. Oh My God, the amount of times I've popped to the toilet and there hasn't been any tissue left is silly!

Chewing gum. Smelly breath is not cool!

Business cards and case. Every blogger loves giving them out - and every blogger loves getting them.

Other things that I take in my bag at a bloggers event, which aren't pictured: 

Mobile/Camera. Mobile to contact people and camera for pictures, or if you're like me you can use your mobile phone for both!

iPod and earphones. So you can listen to music when you're travelling to and from the event.

Small bag of make up. Just encase you need to pop up anything other than your lips.

Flat shoes. If you aren't wearing comfortable shoes then trust me you'll need some pack away flat ones, there is standing and possibly dancing at some bloggers events - and you never know until you get there.

USB memory stick. I always keep my blogs on a USB encase I need them or need to change things at the last minute.

A snack and a drink. So you can munch if you get peckish.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post, and it did give you some tips or help you out a little. Let me know what you keep in your bag? Hope you're all having a wonderful day!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. Love these type of posts! We have so much in common babe! x


  2. It is interesting to see what people have in their bags. :)