Monday 6 June 2016

#LivBloggersBall | Blog Event

Hello beautiful's,

This blog post has been a long time coming, and I've wanted so badly to be able to just put it up but my blog post schedule has been ram-packed these past few weeks - this is the only free time I've been able to do so.

A couple of weeks back I attended Liverpool Bloggers #LivBloggersBall event which was held by Liverpool Blogger's Steph Bewley in Roxy Ball Room Liverpool. I was little nervous attending the venue after the trouble I had at the last bloggers event I attended but I'm so glad I attended because I had an amazing time at the event and met some lovely bloggers and brands, so I thought I'd let you all know how I got on.

Roxy Ball Room is a city roof top bar located in Liverpool's city centre, it's located above Wahaca. With a mix of cocktails and mocktails, a small selection of different beers, snacks such as pizza and burgers, and full on gaming like pool tables and ping pong and event a rooftop outdoor space (which is where Phil sat reading a comic and sunbathing whilst I was attending the event) this place is defiantly worth checking out. I always find it so hard to find somewhere to go on a night out in Liverpool, not just because of my wheelchair but also because I don't think alcohol any-more, and the venue also needs to be suitable for friends who do drink alcohol and this place really has it all!

The theme of the event was Masquerade Ball. Since I didn't wear a mask because of my glasses and how it look so odd, and how much I would be blind without them, I want to thank Amazon's Top Star Online for sending me this beautiful Masquerade Mask necklace which I wore for the event.

Phil and myself met up with Samantha and Michala at St John's food court where they all had some McDonalds food before we headed to central station to meet up with Danielle and Sophie. Once we had met up with the girls we headed to the event.

We arrived at the venue and I took the spacious lift up to the rooftop where the blogging event was taking place. If you don't like lifts there are also always stairs you can take too. The whole place is completely ramped and the doorway space is brilliant for wheelchair users. Coming out of the lift I was greeted by Jemma, Olivia and Sarah who were all full-on blog mode taking blog pictures against this huge, yet beautiful, wall showing off the Roxy Ball Room logo design in graffiti. We all chatted for a minute or two and then we all headed inside.

Inside the venue we were welcomed with a hug from our beautiful host Steph, who showed us a small seating area for us to chill and chat whilst we wait in our own little VIP side room of the venue. The room was perfect sized and even came with it's own disabled toilet - bonus for me! Steph gave us all wristbands, a candy lollipop and a bloggers bellini, I loved that Steph and Roxy Ball Room accommodated for me by making some non-alcoholic ones too! We all sat around two tables, chatting and swapping our blogging cards and really just getting to know one-another... it was a lovely Sunday afternoon treat.


Once everyone had arrived and had drink in hand, we started off. Our first talk was from the lovely David, who's a blogger that set up the popular and known Independent Liverpool blog with his childhood school friend as a post-university venture. He told us his story of how the idea behind Independent Liverpool came about from a number of ideas like a wheelie bin wash service, newspaper round, and how over a game of Call of Duty the idea of Independent Liverpool was born. It was a brilliant talk, hearing about how idea's come together and if you work hard enough you can do whatever it is you want with your life. Three years down the line to now from that game of sitting playing Call of Duty with a friend, they now own a blog which has grown to Liverpool's most well-known, discount carded blogs in town with a whopping 17,000 cardholders to date! Amazing! Independent Liverpool has since expanded to Sheffield and Birmingham, and are launching in Cardiff and Manchester as well. Well done guys!

I love that a guy came along to talk to us on the day too, a lot of people think that their are only female bloggers out there and that is not the cause at all. Male bloggers are out there and can sometimes do a lot better in their blogs than female bloggers. I got the chance to chat to David a little after his talk with everyone too, and was encouraged to know that Independent Liverpool want to work more with the disabled community and spoonie community, David told me that he'd be in touch with me about this and although he hasn't done yet - I hope he does soon.

Next was the lovely Gemma from The Button Boutique. She told us all about how she carried on her late brother's dream alive to creating crafts and doing up bits and pieces of furniture. After years and years of studying and volunteering in places like children's hospitals, she encouraged them to express themselves through art and crafts, she made no money at all but now finally she can be proud that she has her own Channel 4 television show coming in August 2016. For now though, she has a stall in REX Liverpool where she also does craft workshops for children, and for adults does hen parties and baby showers where she will even come to your home to get your craft on! Something I will be checking out soon!! 

I also got the pleasure to meet the maker behind Tear Drop Designs and Rachie B Designs too. I've spoken about Tear Drop Designs in the past when I reviewed one of their bracelets, they had some beautiful pieces on show for all of us bloggers to have a look at. Rachie from Rachie B Designs was someone I hadn't met before but I'm so glad I did. She makes wallpapers designed to free and encourage your child's imagination and dreams in life and to make a safe place for them to be in their own bedroom, which I personally think is an amazing thing for children. I had the pleasure of looking through some of her wallpaper designs which she had came up with and put into 'real life' on a child's wall, she also explained to me then that she has also done work for children's hospitals and cafe's etc. I know when I do finally have children I will be making their bedroom as safe, imaginative, inspiring, dream-like as possible so will be hiring Rachie B Designs.

I had a wonderful time at the event, and want to thank everyone who took the time out to come and talk to all of us bloggers. A massive thank you to the amazingly beautiful Steph for having us all and making my Sunday one of the best I've had in a while. And of course, a huge thank you to Roxy Ball Room for letting us all pile into their venue on what should have been for them a quiet Sunday afternoon. I loved it here and will be returning to this place again in the near future and I encourage everyone to check it out too.

With love,
Alisha Valerie. x

[Disclaimer: Thank yo to Top Star Online for sponsoring me for this blog post. All comment and opinions are my own.]


  1. This looks like so much fun, gutted I missed it. The necklace is so cute. Xm

    1. It was really fun! Hopefully will see you at future events :)


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