Wednesday 8 June 2016

Supersoft Yoghurt & Red Berries Smoothie Shampoo | Review

NOTE: I lost my picture of this product and when I went to re-take the picture, I realised I had put the empty bottle in the rubbish bin. The picture used on this blog post and on twitter was found on Google Images and all credit goes to Sophie Bella for her picture.

Hey beautiful's,

This has been my biggest bargain recently and I've been wanting to do a review on this product for  a while as its so good so I thought I would get around to doing this today for you all. I picked this up in Pound Land for just £1 obviously  and I loved it right from the first time of using it. It smells amazing, it leaves my hair feeling soft and looking beautiful, and I honestly just cannot rave about it enough.

Product Details: For coloured hair: with Yoghurt and Protein Extract of Red Berries. Prolongs Colour Intensity, Adds Shine.
Nutrition for hair: Supersoft’s rich and creamy Yoghurt Smoothie Shampoos contain Yoghurt Protein. Supersoft Shampoo strengthens the hair, improving its texture and making it silky smooth. Vibrant colour, intense shine. With extract of Red Berries, Supersoft Smoothie Shampoo with UV Filter prolongs colour intensity and moisturisers the hair leaving brilliant shine and vibrant colour.

Unleash the stunningly scent and cleaning power of Supersoft Yoghurt and Red Berries Smoothie Shampoo and falling in love with clean, wonderfully smelling hair. Made by the hair care experts at Schwarzkopf, Supersoft Yoghurt and Red Berries Smoothie Shampoo lets you not only get clean, dandruff free hair but also gives your hair a subtle fresh and fruity fragrance. The balanced ingredients including Yoghurt Protein and Red Berries extracts moisturise and restore dry and damaged hair to leave your hair more manageable, while the gorgeous red berries fragrance itself is simply irresistible. Feed your hair a nutritious breakfast every morning with Supersoft Yoghurt and Red Berries Smoothie Shampoo and revel in the sumptuous scent of nature and classically clean hair. For best results use with Supersoft Yoghurt and Red Berries Smoothie Conditioner.

I've been wetting my hair in the shower or bath and massaging a small amount into my wet hair, lather it for a few minutes and rinsing thoroughly. I've been repeating this twice each time I wash my hair and then popping on some conditioner or a hair mask.

The range of these you can buy is massive too so I would highly recommend finding one which takes your eye and trying these out because they really are wonderful.

With love,
Alisha Valerie. x

Disclaimer: This blog post was not sponsored.]


  1. I can almost imagine the smell, I bet it's so nice :) I must try this now! Thankyou for the review babe xx

    1. It smells so amazing babe! Of course darling, really glad you liked it!


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