Monday 20 June 2016

My Summer Goals | 2016

Hello beautiful's,

Today is officially the first day of 2016's summer time! This makes me SO HAPPY because if you know me well you'l know that I adore the summer months. I thought I would share with you all some of my summer goals for this year...

Note: I have a Summer Goals blog post from last year that you may also want to check out. 

 - Read at least two books.
 - Get a henna tattoo.
 - Attend more blogginging events.
 - Save up some money.
 - Go on a picnic.
 - Eat healthier and drink lots more water.
 - Stop stressing about little things.
 - Get our home sorted out more.
 - Get Daisy into a doggy school.
 - Have a beach trip.
 - Overcome a fear.
 - Spend more time with my friends.
 - Fly a kite.
 - Have a water fight.
 - Bake more.
 - Go swimming.
 - Donate food to an animal shelter.
 - Feed the ducks.
 - Make my own bird house for our tree.
 - Go to an arcade.
 - Have Phil make me breakfast in bed.
 - Have a fantastic #LPPevent!!
 - Have an awesome birthday!!

If you have a summer goals list then please tweet it to me so I can read it! I hope you all enjoyed today's blog post and have a amazing summer time this year and a wonderful day!

With love,
Alisha Valerie. x

[Disclaimer: This blog post was not sponsored.]


  1. This was such a lovely bucket list! I would love to get a henna tattoo as well, great post lovely!

    Ella xx