Thursday 9 June 2016


Hey beautiful's!

This blog post is going to be an update about what's been going on with life at the moment. Over the past few weeks I've been saying on my twitter and my tumblr about Phil and me going to meetings, and you may have even see this morning I posted on my snapchat that I was packing, although some of you have already guessed right, this is me officially saying it for the first time online.

You may have read the blog post I did I little while ago "Heartbroken" (if not I suggest you do to understand this next part) on there I mentioned about us not being able to be parents because of my health etc. Well after months of being upset and heartbroken, we spoke to my doctor, who has agreed that he will support us in the fact going to try and have a baby of our own. We know its going to be a long hard road but we are hopeful.

I'm going to be put on nutrition and calcium treatment, I have to eat healthier and we both basically need to have a massive change in lifestyle. You may also have seen on social media that I have now cut out all meat and sea food products and have turned veggie. I'm not going to go all 'veggie style' on you but after reading up on it and taking my doctors advice, meat really is bad for you. I've been a meat eater all my life and it not sickens me to see what I am really been eating all this time.

Another thing is that: the house that we are living in right now is totally unsuitable for me right now as I'm now basically a full-time wheelchair user and getting around in a two story house really is a big nightmare.

We have talked with a lot of different people, gotten some amazing advice, and have came to the fact that we are going to try our hardest to get ourselves a bungalow. It seems that this is going to be the best thing for us as a couple, for my health, and for us as a family.

I want to say a massive thank you to every one of you for asking about me and how I am over the past few weeks. It does mean a lot to me.

With love,
Alisha Valerie x

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