Monday 12 September 2016

Blog Meetings | WIMB

I've done a Whats in My Bag for a Blog Event blog post already, but I always get asked what I take with me when I'm going to a professional blog event or a blog meeting so I thought I would show you all that today. 

I have a lot of blog meetings via skype at home which I love as everything is right at my finger tips but I do have to actually 'go' to blog meetings too sometimes, to places like stores or venues to coffee shops or conference rooms, so this is what I include in my bag to wake with me...

Laptop | First thing I take with me is my laptop, I have a HP Pavilion DM 1 Notebook and I adore it. It's had it for about four years now I think and it really is the best laptop I've ever had. 

USB | Along side my laptop I always take my blogging USB. I got this one as a Christmas present last year from Colin. [You may have seen it on my 'What I Want for Christmas' blog post in December 2015] This little guy has been my life saver so many times as he has everything to do with blogging for me on him. 

Notebook / Pens | Nothing beats a good old-fashioned notebook and pen. If you want to jot something down really quickly, these will be your best friend. Post-It Notes work really well for this too as you can just stick it in your bullet journal or diary until you get home. 

Blogging Cards | Never ever ever go to a blog meeting, bloggers event or any type of blog related thing without your blogging cards. I get mine from VistaPrint and would really recommend them, I've used VistaPrint for years and I've never had a problem with them. VistaPrint have a deal on for 50% off business cards right now which is code 'BC50'. 

Mobile Phone | Always put your mobile phone on silent in a blog meeting but always keep it on the desk infront of you, that way you can always see who it is calling you encase it's an emergency. For example, I always let my grandparents known whenever I am going to an event or meeting so if they call during this time, I know it's an emergency and I need to answer. 

Camera | Being a blogger, you never know when you wanna take a picture. Always keep a camera on you. I use my mobile for taking pictures, I have the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the camera is such great quality - it's wonderful for blog pictures or vlogging. 

Water Bottle & Snacks | You never know when a meeting is going to run over and until what time so always carry a drink and some snacks. I'm trying to drink more water right now so have been carrying a water bottle with me and my favourite little snack right now are nuts. I get these little mixed nuts from asda or tesco as they are really high in protein and keep me going until meal time. 

Lip Balm | I always get dry lips so always pack an extra lip balm product with me at all times so I can keep my lips moisturised. 

I have done other Whats in My Bags in the past which you may have read but if not then I will link them here - Whats in My Bag | Autumn 2015 and Whats in My Bag | Summer Blog Event

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. Pretty much all of those are my handbag essentials too for any blogger event !

    1. Hehe YEY! πŸŒΈπŸ’—πŸŒΈπŸ’—