Saturday 30 March 2019

Green Fingers by Liz Cowley | Guest Post

I was recently contacted on behalf of Liz Crowley, where I was asked to share some of her talented poems taken from her new book which came out on 21st March 2019. I hope you all love these poems by Liz Crowley as much as I do.


I’ve often killed my mint.
It doesn’t like me much.
It’s something in my skin.
It seems to hate my touch.
Now gloves I have to wear
before I touch the plant.
It hates the skin I’m in,
and live with it, it can’t.
I pick my mint most days.
A herb I really love.
A herb that now likes me,
because I wear a glove.


Flower unarrangements
At times I plonk flowers in a vase
and get a rather nice surprise.
Unarranged, they can look better
and far more pleasing to my eyes.
Laziness at times works wonders.
Flower unarrangements can look great –
marvellous if I am busy
with other things upon my plate.


Most precious things in gardens too –
the pauses, times in which to think,
the silences to dwell on life
especially when our spirits sink.
Pauses – needed more than ever –
the time to be with plants and flowers
and have a bit of hush, not rush,
so hectic is this world of ours.
Traffic jams, computer glitches,
and deadlines, family rifts – the lot,
building problems, breakdowns, meltdowns –
no wonder we can lose the plot.
A garden – a great antidote,
that acts at times like soothing balm –
and then restores one’s brain again
and helps us rediscover calm.
And makes us wonder why we’re here,
and think about the world a bit,
and offers us a sanctuary
from all the hell we see in it.

 - From Green Fingers by Liz Cowley published by Gibson Square (9781783341504 £9.99).