Wednesday 6 March 2019

Dragonball Super Broly Movie Review | Morphilms Blogs

An alien baby crashed to earth from a doomed planet and was raised as if they were an earthling only to discover incredible power lying within them… only this baby landed in Japan rather than Smallville. This alien baby came from the Saiyan race and has been defending earth since 1984, since then, the series protagonist; Son Goku has had four TV series, 20 movies, 2 TV special and countless video game adaptations. The Dragonball franchise is the second biggest selling manga in Japan, with pirate adventure one piece claiming the crown.

I first found Goku & friends adventures on cartoon network in early 2000, then as Dragonball Z, where a hero was defending earth from invading Saiyans, world conquering emperors, androids and universe threatening abominations. After Dragonball Z ended there was a spin-off called Dragonball GT, that seemed more like a cash-in so in 2015, series creator Akira Toriyama made his own spin off, Dragonball Super was Goku would go against gods of destruction, other universes and evil doppelgangers.

That pretty much brings us to this movie, Dragonball Super Broly is the story of a saiyan with incredible power banished from his home world as a child by a prideful king, whose father travels to rescue him but raises him ruthlessly to a point were only Goku and long-time friend/rival Vegeta can stop him.

The animation is truly spectacular, mixing a blend of 2D with 3D; the colours are vibrant explosive and smoothly transitioned in a media form were people are more used to CGI movies. The soundtrack starts out slow and orchestral building slowly standing along giants like the Batman or marvel movies, as well as quickening the pace during fights with a slight bit of techno dance.

I took my friend who had a very basic understanding of the lore, and this film serves both masters as a way of introducing you to the main characters as well as bringing you up to speed with their past, but for a long time fans also adds a glorious new movie to fawn over and satisfy them with a franchise that doesn’t need anything new to its lineage but offers anyway.

I would recommend this to any fan of anime who likes Naruto, Attack on Titan or One Piece. Anyone whose kids like Pokemon may want to proceed with caution as there is long drawn out fantasy violence, use of death and slight bad language. This film really wowed me and was a delight to watch in a UK cinema. I would really recommend this movie if you're an anime fan.

Written by: Morphilms