Tuesday 11 August 2015

TMI Q&A! [Part 1]

I done one of these blog posts on my own blog a really long time ago (almost three years ago) as I kept getting the more intimate personal questions from people, and to be honest I've always got them type of questions but I've never included them in a Q&A since then because, well you don't really want the question of public hair right after a question like "what is your favourite lip gloss?" if you know what I mean.

This blog post is part one of a two parter. Also, this blog post is going to be all a little too much information so if you don't like these type of personal blog posts I would suggest not reading this one. Every single one of these questions have been sent to me by followers and readers of my blog so thank you to everyone who sent them in. 


Do you shave your private public hair? If yes, what do you use to shave there? 
I do, and I use the Gillette Venus classic razor. You can buy the Gillette Venus classic razor for £7.99 from Boots.

Do you wax or shave your unwanted hair on your face and body?
I have my eye brows waxed, but I shave my under arms, legs and my "lady parts".

Have you ever had any ingrown hairs in public area's? Can you suggest anything to get rid of them? 
I personally have never had one (thankfully!), but I do know a friend who suffers really bad from them. She uses Skin Doctors Ingrow Go which you can buy from any chemist for about £12. If you suffer from ingrown hairs or want to know how to remove them I would suggest reading this link on how to remove them. 


Are you a virgin? If no, when and where did you first have sex? 
I am not a virgin, I was 19 years old when I first had sex and it was with a long term boyfriend. It was in my own bed and it actually took me a while to have sex again because it was painful afterwards, so I would suggest if this happens to you and you're hurting or bleeding during your first time, don't rush into it again. Give yourself time to heal. 

What type of protection do you use during sex? 
My husband and myself use condoms. We use Durex mutual climax condoms and we usually buy them in boots stores or from the Ann Summers website for £16.99. I personally prefer these type of condoms as they really make me feel comfortable and I do like the feel of them. 

What do you do after sex? Do you cuddle a teddy? 
Nine times out of ten, I fall straight asleep. I don't cuddle a teddy but I do cuddle into my husband. 

How big is your husbands penis?
Oh that's a very personal question. It's big enough, I don't want it to get any bigger than it is so that must tell you something. 

Did you and your husband have sex on your wedding night? 
We honestly didn't. We had been awake since 5am and we were so tired that when we got home, we literally went straight asleep. We were so sleepy! 

What type of underwear do you like to wear during sex?
I don't wear underwear during sex. 

Do you sleep naked in bed?
I do. I feel more comfortable and free. 


Have you ever had an STD test? 
Yes I have. When I was younger and I would go into Liverpool town drinking, the STI team used to come around and ask everyone to do tests and they would give you free condoms and a flyer for an alcoholic shot. My friends and myself used to do them and that was our way of getting condoms so we didn't have to buy them. I would advise everyone to have STI tests at least once to twice a year though if you are sexually active. 

Favourite body part on the opposite sex?
Bum, eyes, arms and lips. Although I do love a nice sexy accent as well. 

Where do you sweat the most in the summer, and what do you use to smell pretty again? 
I always use Dove deodorant. I only need to stay it on once a day in the morning and it keeps me smelling and feeling lovely and fresh all day and night long! 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I hope that some of this helps you. Thank you again to everyone who has sent questions into my for this blog post. I hope you all have a wonderful day! 

With love, Alisha Valerie. x