Sunday 30 August 2015

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers | Tag

The beautiful Charlotte tagged me in this blog post so firstly I would like to say thank you to her for doing so and say I'm sorry to hear for me taking so long to do it.

Charlotte's Questions

What are your favourite videos to watch on youtube?
I love loads; make up tutorials, monthly favourites, hauls, and of course vlogs!

What is your favourite food?
I love beef flavoured koka noodles with spring onions, and I also love chicken and red pepper curry with boiled rice and chips.

Tell me a random fact about yourself?
I had take away for food yesterday evening, and it was so yummy but I think I put on about ten stone having it all - I ate way too much food! 

Who was the last person to text you and what did they say?
It was my husband telling me good morning, that he liked our cuddles this morning before he left for work and he told me that he loves me. He's such a little romantic, I love it and him though.

Tell me something you want to do but scares you?
I would love to move to another country for about four months to six months and just see how the locals live and stuff. That would be so lovely, but so scary too. 

Are you any good at pub quizzes?
I've never been to one so I wouldn't know. 

What is your favourite childhood book?
I didn't really have a "book" but my Grandad used to sit us all around and tell us stories he used to make up on the spot, they were the best. 

Do you love or hate marmite?
Hate hate hate! So yucky.

Summer or Winter?

Do you like charity shopping?
I do actually yes, I think its awesome to help charity's and you get some lovely things shopping as well. 

My Questions

What is your favourite quote?
What is your favourite animal?
What is your relationship status?
What is your best day of the week, and why?
What are your favourite blog posts to write and read?
What is a tv show or movie that you're loving right now?
What do you do for a job? Do you enjoy it? What's your dream job?
If you could live everywhere in the world where would it be and why?

With love, Alisha Valerie. x