Thursday 17 December 2015

My Christmas Wants | 2015

Hello beautiful's! Christmas is nearly here and I thought I would share with you all my Christmas Wants of 2015. I done one of these for my birthday back in July and got really good feedback from it on twitter so one for Christmas is something I've been planning to do for a whie.

The month of December is a "no-buying-anything-for-myself" month for me; I never buy anything for myself unless I really have to do so. I like to save things up, even the little things, so that people have things to buy me if they want to do so.

Chloe Red Bow Bag

I really want to new bag, to be honest I haven't had a new bag in ages and I would love a new winter bag to start the new year with. I really love this Chloe bag and the big red bow on it just makes it even more special - it's just gorgeous! Red is perfect for the new year in my opinion, I love the brightness. This bag has so much storage which means I will be able to keep everything I need in my bag as I am one of them people who carries loads around with me - just encase. Price: £17.99 (£3.80 P&P)

Disney USB Stick

I really need a new USB for my blog work and this one is so adorable that I love it so much. It's storage capacity is 16GB which is just perfect for me. If you are a blogger I would recommend buying yourself (or putting it on your Christmas present list) as they come in so handy for meetings or just to keep a few things backed up on. Price: £3.22 (free P&P)

Claire's Accessorie's Dreamcatcher Drop Earrings

As most of you already know I don't have my ears pierced, I used to have them pierced when I was little but I took when out and they closed up, due to my medication I'm no longer aloud to have pierced ears (or anywhere to be honest) so I am always looking for gorgeous clip on's. Drop clip on earrings are so hard to find! And these ones are so beautiful. I'm a massive fan of dream catchers, and when I seen these earrings I fell in love with them. I really want these. Price: £5.50 (£2.50 P&P)

Mobile Phone Desk Holder

I really need one of these for on my desk in my office. I really think it's going to come in handy as I do a lot of work on my laptop, and on my mobile, and sometimes both at the same time - with this it would be so perfect as I don't have to keep looking at my phone to hold it up. I've shown this to a few people and although some of them say it's a little pricey for the money I actually think that it's worth the money as I know I will get a lot of use out of it. Price: £16.42 (free P&P)

External Hard-Drive

Another blog item, I have a back up external already for all my personal files (pictures, videos, etc) but I really want a new one to buy for my blog back up things so I don't loose any of my pictures or files because I've been there and done that once already and I really don't want that to happen ever again. Another recommended item I would suggest you buy (or again, put on your Christmas present list) if you are a blogger. Price: £19.99 (free P&P)

Barry M Cosmetics 'Wink' Eye Liner Marker

This is one of my favourite ever make up items I have ever used, if you don't used this you really should check it out, I love it so much. The wing eye liner is great for designs, the pen is so think at the start and points at the end, and the colour is such a good dark shade of black. I hate getting "black" eye liners and then they end up being a dark grey colour. Price: £4.59 (free P&P)

N.Y.C Big Bold Ultra Volume Mascara

I have heard such great things about this mascara, I really want to try it. I want to get the shade of 851 Extra Black as I love black eye liner anyway and I really love making great eye looks with black mascara. It's my favourite shade of mascara, original yet classic. Price: £3.99 (£2.25 P&P)

Technic 'High Lights' Highlighter

Another make up item I've heard great things about but have not tired yet. I never used to be a shimmer highlighter make up fan, but recently I've been loving shimmer highlighters. I usually use them on my cheek bones, my forehead, just under my eye brows, the tip of my nose and the chip of my chin. For the price of this highlighter I really think it's a good value as it does look good, maybe when I do try it I will change my mind though? Price: £2.99 (free P&P)

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush & Contour Palette Golden Sugar

This looks amazing! I'm a big fan of revolution make up anyway and although I haven't tried this yet I really want to do so. The colours on it look so beautiful and I feel like this would be a palette I could use all year 'round, not just in Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter. Price: £10.99 (free P&P)

Bomb Cosmetics Santa's Sleigh Ride Gift Pack

I've never owned a Bomb Cosmetics Christmas Time gift pack. I'm not sure why as I have tried a lot of there other products and their gift packs but when it comes to Christmas time I usually go to Lush Cosmetics instead. When I seen this one however I fell in love and really, really want to try it. I love Bomb Cosmetics anyway as they are against animal testing and are vegetarian and vegan friendly. The products you get in this one look beautiful too. Price: £12.00 (free P&P)

I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and having a little look in to some of the things I am wanting for Christmas this year. What did you think of this blog post? Do you have a Christmas wish list this year? Let me know by commenting below or by tweeting me?

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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