Monday 8 February 2016

AD | Top 3 Places To Eat in Prescot

Hello beautiful's! Business Meal put me to the challenge of picking my top three places to eat in the little town of Prescot where I live. I picked my top three; one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for supper.


Deck's | The first place I am going to pick is called Deck's and it opened early last year in Prescot retail park as a part of the big Tesco store. I've been to Deck's a couple of times now and I agree with everyone else who says that it's an awesome place. With all-you-can-eat full English breakfast for only £2.95 per adult, only £3.95 per adult for a traditional roasts dinner and a choice of other foods, Deck's really is great. Not only is it awesome value for money but the urban café décor is just beautiful.

The Deane's House | The Deane's House is somewhere I've been going for over five years now and it's actually the first place I ever went to in Prescot. The Dean's House is one of them little old man pubs that just comes to life of a weekend. Myself and a couple of friends would travel into Prescot at least every other weekend to come for a drink here. With great music, awesome food and tasty cocktails it really is an unmissable place to pop into. There is always something new going on in pub too, medium-ships, gigs and bands, ladies nights, etc. The Deane's House also serves food daily which is good value for money.

Beijing Restaurant | As you all know already, I love Chinese food! Chinese restaurants are always my go-to place whenever Phil and myself are looking to go somewhere new and the Beijing restaurant in Prescot is one of the best places to get Chinese food than anywhere else I've found. When I lived in Prescot town centre, I literally lived about a two minute walk away from here and as it was my local I found myself eating way too much Chinese food around Christmas and New Year about three - four years ago. The Beijing has a massively friendly atmosphere is so welcoming. The staff are so wonderful and helpful too. Again, another place which is awesome value for money and the Beijing really does do the best chicken curry!

Have you been to any of the places I've mentioned above? What are your thoughts? Let me know by either commenting below or by tweeting me. Have a wonderful day beautiful's!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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