Sunday 27 March 2016

Easter Time | Tag

Hello beautiful's! I was tagged in the Easter time tag so I thought I would do this today as it's Easter. I hope you're all having a really wonderful Easter Sunday so far and I'm hoping that everyone's Easter Monday will be very joyful and filled with happiness and love.

1. Do you celebrate Easter?
We have a family meal every year on either Easter Sunday or Easter Monday, we get together as a family at my parents house and really just eat loads of food and chocolate and catch up with close family.

2. What is your favourite thing about Easter?
I love that once Easter is here it kind of means that Spring has landed and Summer is around the corner. I love the smell of all of the fresh flowers and the bright colours like the lemons, oranges and pale pinks.

3. What are your plans for Easter this year?
Be with family and have a really good chilled day.

4. Do you colour eggs?
I don't actually. Although sometimes when I get bored at home and I'm in the kitchen either cooking or making a warm drink I will draw faces on the free range eggs we have in our fridge.

5. How old were you when you stopped hunting eggs?
I've never actually been to hunt eggs anywhere. I know I would have loved that as a little girl though.

6. Favourite Easter treat?
I love Thornton's chocolate all year 'round.

7. Best Easter memory?
When I was about eight years old, I went on holiday with my grandparents to Presthaven Sands in Wales and I loved it. I miss those family holidays.

8. Do you get pictures with the Easter bunny?
I've never seen the Easter bunny! If I see him this year I will be getting a picture with him though.

9. What do you typically put in Easter baskets?
I usually just buy all the children in Phil and my families Easter eggs instead of putting baskets together for them all as there are a few children in our families.

10. What did the Easter Bunny typically leave you as a kid?
Loads of chocolate and sweets and I always got a new teddy every year.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. Food and chocolate is definitely the most perfect way to spend Easter! I personally don't like Easter eggs but I'm all for chocolate bars, haha!

    Sarah xx

    1. How can you not like Easter eggs? They are the main part of Easter!! <3 <3