Wednesday 23 March 2016

Nail Polish | Tag

Hello beautiful's! Today's blog post as you can tell from the title is The Nail Polish Tag! I hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Favourite nail polish company?
I'd love to say OPI, however I simply cannot afford the prices they charge. So for the quality, range and price of their polishes... It has to be Barry M.

Glitter or no glitter?
Definitely glitter! The more glitter, the better I'd say.

OPI, China Glaze or Essie?
I've never tried an Essie polish, and although I do love China Glaze, I prefer OPI.

When do you change your nail polish?
At least once a week. I love re-doing my nails.

What's your favourite colour to wear on your nails?
Pink, or red, or blue, or lilac. Pink though mainly.

Darks or brights?
I like them both, so I can't really choose. However I'm not keen on really bright neon colours.

What do you have on your nails right now?
Nothing right now, I'm letting my nails breathe for a day or two. Too much nail polish can damage your nails.

Matte nails... In or out?
I love Matt nail polishes! Glitters look awesome on top of them.

French Manicure?
I think they are very elegant but too plain for me.

Favourite winter colour?
Berry red!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. I really need to organise my nail varnishes like this....the collection is taking over! I would defo recommend trying Essie polishes too :)

    Ruth Writes

    1. I'll check out Essie polishes, thanks! You can get these nail racks from Amazon, Ebay or Home Bargains 💕 xoxo