Monday 12 December 2016

Our Wedding Day | Q&A with Morphilms

On December 12th 2014, Phil and myself were married. Since it's our Wedding Anniversary and I always get asked to do a Q&A with Phil, I thought why not do one today. I took to my twitter and my tumblr asking for your questions and we have answered some of them on this blog post, some of the questions you lovely lot asked where very similar so if you see a question that looks kind of like your one but not exactly we didn't want to be answering the same type of questions over and over so we are sorry that we haven't answered all but we did get a lot.

Wedding/Relationship Questions

How long have you both been married for and why did you bring your wedding forward?
Phil: We have been married for two years, and we brought it forward due to concern for a member of Alisha's families health. 

What was your first emotion you felt after getting married? 
Phil: Relief that it was all over, all the planning was done and over. 
Alisha: Happiness. That we were married and that it was all over. 

Who did your makeup and hair? 
Phil: Myself. 
Alisha: I did my own makeup and my lovely hairdresser Nicola done my hair. 

Why was a church so important to you on your wedding day? 
Alisha: We were both brought up Catholic and the church we had I was brought up in. The church means a lot to myself and my family, my grandparents were married there, my parents were married there, I had my christening there, my communion there, my confirmation there, so it only seemed natural to have my wedding day there too. 

What was your favourite part of your whole day? 
Phil: Our dance together.
Alisha: Other than the rainy weather and the freezing cold, I loved all of the day.  

What would you changed about your wedding day? 
Phil: Well... haha! I'd make sure a DJ got booked.. 
Alisha: I'd change the venue we had our reception in as they messed us about with our DJ and our photographer.

What was the first thing you thought when you seen Alisha in her dress? 
Phil: She looked beautiful. 

What was the first thing you thought when you seen Phil in his suit? 
Alisha: He looked so smart and handsome. 

You and Phil are such a cute couple! What are your tips for making a relationship last? 
Alisha: Thank you. Communication is key, also trust and love obviously. 
Phil: Agree to disagree, see things from the other person's point of view and realise some things aren't worth rowing over. 

Is it stressful to be married to a blogger?
Phil: Nope, she does her work and I do mine. 
Alisha: I think we have a good balance. 

Home/Moving Questions

Who's decision was it to move home?
Phil: Mutual, it just benefits Alisha the most. 

How is Daisy settling in?
Phil: She's getting there, she's finding her way. 
Alisha: She was really bad at first but she's doing so much better. 

What's your new home like?
Phil: It's small, but it's just right for us at the moment. 
Alisha: Small and cute. 

Your old house was really big, is this one the same?
Alisha: Nope, it's a lot smaller. We live in a bungalow now. 

Where about is it you lived? Was it Prescot AZ? Why did you move to England?
Alisha: We didn't live in Prescot AZ, we lived in Prescot England. 

Other Questions

What are your plans for next year?
Phil: Pay off my credit card and take a holiday. 
Alisha: I really want a holiday next Summer. 

How would you describe each other in five words?
Phil: Head-strong and goal-orientated.
Alisha: Tall, sarcastic, artistic, gamer, geek. 

What was the first thing that attracted you to each other? 
Phil: Her smile
Alisha: His wonderful sense of humour. 

When you look at each other; what do you see?
Phil: My wife. 
Alisha: My husband. 

If you could go back to one point in your lives, where would it be and why?
Alisha: I'd love to go back to when we lived in Prescot. I miss living there so much. 

Who is the most stressful person in your relationship?
Phil: Alisha. Alisha. Alisha. Alisha. Alisha. 
Alisha: Yeah I agree with that, haha!

Is Phil a good driver?
Alisha: He has good days and bad days. He needs to learn to use his break and his horn more. 
Phil: I'd say I was a careful driver. 

Does Phil use any makeup products?
Phil: Nope.
Alisha: Not makeup, but he does use some beauty products and hair products. 

How old is Daisy? How long have you had her?
Phil: Two years old, and a year and a half. 

I'm really new to the blogging world so I'm wondering if you have any tips on blogging in general?
Alisha: The best advice is just to blog and talk to other bloggers as much as possible. You'll find your feet and fall in love with it. 

What do you think is the best place to buy gems and crystals for your nails?
Alisha: Places like Amazon and eBay are awesome for this type of stuff. 

Please share some pictures of your wedding day? 

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


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    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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