Thursday 29 December 2016

Winter Time with Morphilms | TAG

I hate the cold weather, but I do love snuggling up on cozy nights with warm blankets and hot chocolate watching movies or TV shows with Phil. Since it's freezing outside, we thought we would share The Winter Time Tag with you all...

Question 1. Do You Like The Cold?
Phil: Nope. 
Alisha: No. I hate being cold. 

Question 2. Favourite Part About Winter?
Phil: Being able to see the sun rise whilst in work.
Alisha: I like it when it snows because it's pretty, and winter reminds me of our wedding day.

Question 3. Favorite Winter Drink?
Phil: Rum. 
Alisha: Mulled Wine. 

Question 4. Do You Do Any Outdoor Activity's In The Winter?
Phil: *Sounds miserable* Yeah, work. 
Alisha: Nope, I can't with my joints. 

Question 5. Favorite Winter Scent?
Phil: Fresh snow. 
Alisha: I love the smell of Lush at winter time, all their new stock.

Question 6. Does It Snow Where You Live?
Phil: Yeah, sometimes.
Alisha: Sometimes.

Question 7. Favorite Clothing Item In Winter?
Phil: Anything wooly and baggy. 
Alisha: My slipper boots!

Question 8. Your Favorite Winter Memory?
Phil: Having a snowball fight with [Alisha].
Alisha: Being pulled around on a homemade sleigh by my Grandad. 

Have you done this tag? I'd love to read it if so..

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. I hate that I barely see any sunlight during winter because of working so much. I do love going home and getting my PJs/dressing gown/blanket on to snuggle under the sofa!

    Sian x

  2. I love when it snows aswell, it is just so pretty!! I love winter baggy clothes, they are so cosy!!! Great post xox