Friday 13 April 2018

Meet My Bestie | TAG

I've been requested a lot of times over the years of blogging to do the Bestfriend Tag, but it's been hard talking my bestie into doing so. but when I suggested it once again and he said he would I thought I better get this up before he changes his mind!

1. How and when did we meet?
Colin: Through friends..
Alisha: a U2 tribute act gig in our local pub.

2. What are your favourite memories together?
Colin: All the times we went drinking in Liverpool, and living in Prescot - good memories!
Alisha: All the times we went drinking in our local pub's beer garden.

3. Describe each other in one word?
Colin: Crazy.
Alisha: Bestie.

4. What's your best friend's dream job?
Colin: She already has it, being a full-time blogger.
Alisha: Movie critic.

5. What's your best friend's favourite makeup brand? 
Colin: Barry M Cosmetics.
Alisha: He doesn't wear makeup. However, he loves Superdrug's own range of male beauty products.

6. What is something that annoys you about the other person? 
Colin: When she gets too hyper.
Alisha: Tapping. You would think he is a drummer, he taps on everything!

7. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be? 
Colin: Baa Barr Hardman Street!
Alisha: Heebie Jeebies!

8. Favourite inside joke? 
Colin: Peter Kay stand up, Helena from Orphan Black, Drake and Josh, we have loads.
Alisha: I think "fuck, off" has to be my favourite. It's from a Peter Kay stand up.

9. My best friend looks great when ________?
Colin: All the time? Is that not the right answer?
Alisha: He's had a shave.

10. Your best friend's favourite season? 
Colin: Summer.
Alisha: Winter.

11. If your best friend has a scar, how did they get it? 
Colin: Left knee, nail went through it.
Alisha: Scar on his wrist from carrying glass.

12. What is it like being best friends with a blogger?
Colin: Just like being best friends with anyone else, don't mean that to sound horrible. She does hog the wifi a lot though!

13. Would your best friend choose heels or flats? 
Colin: Flats.
Alisha: Flats. Converse.

14. Would your best friend choose trousers or dresses? 
Colin: Trousers. Keep your legs warm.
Alisha: Trousers.

15. Your best friend's favourite animal? 
Colin: Doggies.
Alisha: Wolf.

16. If your best friend's house was burning down, and their entire family were trapped, who would they save?
Colin: Daisy.
Alisha: Daisy.

17. Would your best friend choose a comedy, horror, or chick-flick movie? 
Colin: Nicolas Sparks.
Alisha: Horror.

18. Would your best friend choose Blackberry or iPhone? 
Colin: Blackberry?
Alisha: No Andriod! And I would say a Blackberry for you.

19. Does your best friend have any nicknames?
Colin: Av.
Alisha: Col. Yozza.

20. What is something weird that your best friend eats? 
Colin: Weetabix with hot water.
Alisha: Animal.

21. Do you guys have anything matching? 
Colin: Wrestling tees?
Alisha: I don't think so.

22. If you were out together, what would your best friend eat?
Colin: Something none-animal obviously.
Alisha: Burger and chips.

23. What's something you want to teach your best friend? 
Colin: How to LOVE Lord of The Rings.
Alisha: How to fucking cook!

24. What is something you want to change about your best friend?
Colin: Nothing off the top of my head, bad moods?
Alisha: I wish he loved the sun and warmth more.

25. If your best friend were deserted on an island, what are the 3 things she could not live without?
Colin: Daisy. Phil. Music.
Alisha: Beer. His phone. Terry's Chocolate Oranges. 

I would also like to mention that today is my bestie's birthday! So I'm sending so many wonderful happy birthday wishes to him today!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x