Monday 6 July 2015

My Birthday Wishlist | 2015

I posted one of these on my old blog last year and everyone seemed to enjoy reading it,  so I thought I would do one again for this year. 
This is not in any way, shape, or form me asking for anyone to buy or send me presents or things for my birthday, these are just things I would buy myself for my birthday if I could. 
These items are all from my Amazon wishlist so I have linked them to Amazon so you can check them out and possibly add them to your wishlists if you have an Amazon account. 
These are in no order whatsoever! 

Trixes Travel Pouch Inset Bag Organiser | I know this is something that I could probably just buy myself but I haven't got around to doing so and also I know a few people who do get my presents for my birthday so usually in July I never buy anything for myself at all so price range can vary for people who don't have that much money to spend. I am one of the people who carry around a lot of things in their bag and has smaller bags inside a big bag etc; otherwise, my bag just ends up a massive mess and it stresses me out whenever I have to try and find something in a hurry. This is why I want this so much, it seems so organised and perfect and it folds down really well so I would be able to store it easier to use in the future in other bags. | Price: £2.99 (+ £1.99 P&P) | 

My Neighbour Totoro Cat Key Chain | I have been a massive fan of My Neighbour Totoro since seeing the movie nearly two years ago, and I feel like this will go just perfect with the bag I really want (that's coming up, keep reading!). It's so cute, original and seems great value for money! | Price: £3.20 | 

'All I Know Now' by Carrie Hope Fletcher | I have been after this book since it came out on 23rd April 2015 and just haven't got around to buying it yet. I do really want to own the hardback cover of this book as with my suffering from RA it does hurt me to hold a book that isn't a hardback cover. My parents keep offering to buy me a kindle but I really don't like them. Books give a feel and a smell that is so calming and stress-free to me, I love books. | Usual price: £12.99 / Amazon price: £7 |

Chanel Coco Eau de Parfum Spray for Her | My favourite perfume ever! This is one of the more expensive presents I would love to re-own. It smells so classic and it may sound really silly reading this, but I always imagine this is what Marilyn Monroe would smell like. So feminine and beautiful, and I could go on about this perfume all night but I don't want to bore you all. | Price: £58.90 (for a 35ml bottle) | 

William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet Full Play Art Poster | I adore this, and I fell in love with it completely the first time I have seen it. I saw it on a room tour video on YouTube (I think it may have been FleurDeForce) and I have wanted it own it ever since. I am a massive fan of William Shakespeare and always have been since as long ago as I can remember, I love how his plays and/or books make you really get wrapped up in the story as if you are actually there - not many plays and/or books do that any more. This is the entire play on this contemporary piece of wall art with a paragraph for each speech, it's on heavyweight satin finish paper which is completely beautiful. | Price: £25.59 | 

My Neighbour Totoro Plush Bag | This was the bag I was talking about above. I love this, it's so cute and it seems small for me. I need a little bag that I can put on my knee when I'm using my wheelchair instead of a big bag on the back of the wheelchair that I have to ask Phil to pass me every time I want something out of it. This just seems so cute and perfect sized and will be super cute on my lap. | Price: £5.99 | 

Zanzea Skull Print Long Sleeve Top Sheer Chiffon Blouse | I have wanted this top ever since I saw it, I think it's just beautiful. The only thing that puts me off it is that I will need a size 16 as my boobs are so massive, and no girl likes to buy herself a size 16 piece of clothing when she's really a size 14 without feeling miserable about it. | Price: £5.66 |

iBoutique ColourJets USB Dancing Fountain Speakers | I love these and have been wanting some for ages now. At the moment I'm using Phil's old speakers from his very old computer (which he got rid of about five or six years ago) as the speakers on my laptop aren't that great and I love blasting music when I'm writing my blogs or generally working - I hate it being silent. I would love these speaks in either silver or white as they will go with my makeup/office room décor then. | Price: £17.49 | 

Candy Floss Jewel Candle Scented Candle | I really, really, really, really, really want one of these candles. As a lot of you know already I am obsessed with candles (I have about 200 in our home) and I don't have a Jewel Candle at all in my collection. I would love the 'candy floss' sent as it's one of my favourites and the fact that you get a surprise Jewel item worth up to £250 is just amazing for the price of the candle. | Price: £24.95 ( + £5.90 P&P) |  

Songmics® JBC83W Jewellery Mirrored Cupboard/Wall Mirror | This beautiful Songmics JBC83W jewellery mirrored cupboard for wall mounting, white coloured with magnetic door closure, is something that I would just adore in my makeup/office room. I do have a jewellery stand already but I don't have a mirror that big for OOTD's etc so would really love a new one. The shabby chic design is gorgeous. It is a lot pricey to buy for me right now but I would adore receiving this as a gift. | Normal Price: £79 / Amazon Price: £52.96 | 

I really, really, really want this birthday cake for my birthday this year. My parents always buys our birthday cakes when growing up and this year 

I didn't include any makeup or beauty items on this list as I have so many products (nearly 300!) that I want to re-buy, re-try or try for the first time. If you would like to see my make up and beauty wish list on amazon, you can do so by clicking here

If you really insist on buying me a present for my birthday this year please do not give me money as I will probably spend it on stuff I don't actually need, but please do buy me something from either this birthday wish list or my make up wish list on amazon as I know I will actually use these things. It's not fun when you receive a present and then end up putting it in a draw or cupboard for months because you know that you won't use it but can't bring yourself to throw it away because someone bought it for you. 

Again I want to state: this is not in any way, shape, or form me asking for anyone to buy or send me presents or things for my birthday, these are just things I would buy myself for my birthday if I could. 

With love, Alisha Valerie. x