Tuesday 21 July 2015

Meet Phil | The Boyfriend Tag

I've been tagged in The Boyfriend Tag, well I don't have a boyfriend but I do have a husband so I ropped him into doing this tag with me as he's been my boyfriend in the past obviously so I think it's pretty much the same. 

Q1: Where did we meet?
Phil: We met at a friends house. 
Alisha: Correct. 

Q2: Where was our first date?
Phil: We started at a local pub in Prescot, then went to see The Hangover 3, and then went to Pizza Hunt in St Helens.
Alisha: Correct. 

Q3: What was your first impression of me?
Phil: You were timid, quiet and reserved. 
Alisha: :)

Q4: When did you meet my family?
Phil: Your 21st birthday party. 
Alisha: Correct. 

Q5: Do I have any weird obsessions, if so - what?
Phil: You have a weird vampire obsession. A weird detestation with green, an obsession with the colour pink, with candles, cushions, and Nicholas Sparks. Koka noodles! 
Alisha: Weird vampire obsession? Haha!

Q6: How long have we been together?
Phil: We've been really close best friends for about five or six years but officially been together for over two years.
Alisha: Correct. 

Q7: Do you have a tradition with me?
Phil: We've started a tradition that every Christmas Eve we go to church and light a candle for all the people who can no longer be with us at Christmas time. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q8: What was our first road trip?
Phil: We drove down to Llandudno and had a weekend there with friends. Involving karaoke, two-pence machines, a very pair of wet (now ruined) ballet flats and a small train.
Alisha: Correct. 

Q9: What was the first thing you noticed about me?
Phil: You were a pretty girl with really long hair. 
Alisha: Aww, thank you. But my hair wasn't that long!

Q10: What/where is my favourite restaurant?
Phil: The Grapes Pub, in St Helens? 
Alisha: Wrong, it's TSO's in Liverpool.

Q11: What do we argue about the most?
Phil: Anything! How you're right and I'm wrong. How certain things should get placed. About where a bag of pegs go! 
Alisha: I think that everything in our home should have a place to go and if it doesn't have a place then we don't really need it. 

Q12: Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Phil: You. 
Alisha: Wrong!

Q13: If I am watching tv, what am I watching?
Phil: Eastenders, or Jeremy Kyle. 
Alisha: Eastenders yes!

Q14: What is one food I do not like?
Alisha: Mayo doesn't count
Phil: Custard. Ham. Turkey. 
Alisha: I like Turkey? 
Phil: I bought it raw from a butchers and you wouldn't eat it. 
Alisha: Because you wanted me to eat it raw!
Phil: Yes, like most people do when they put it on a sandwich. 
Alisha: No that's cooked!
Phil: Peas. Custard and peas. 

Q15: What drink do I order when we go out to eat? 
Phil: Pepsi. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q16: Wht size shoe do I wear? 
Phil: Three? 
Alisha: Correct, three or four.

Q17: What is my favourite kind of sandwich?
Phil: Chicken salad. 
Alisha: You were half right; sliced chicken with lettuce on brown bread.

Q18: What is one talent I have?
Phil: You're a beautician. 
Alisha: :)

Q19: What would I eat everyday if I could? 
Phil: Koka noodles, beef koka noodles. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q20: What is my favourite cereal?
Phil: Weetabix with water. 
Alisha: Wrong; coco pops with warm milk.

Q21: What is my favourite music?
Phil: Pop punk or pop rock.
Alisha: Correct.

Q22: What is my favourite sports team? 
Phil: Everton, football club. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q23: What is my eye colour? 
Phil: Blue. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q24: Who is my best friend?
Phil: Me. 
Alisha: You don't count.
Phil: Why not?
Alisha: Because you don't.
Phil: Alright, well then, your mate Lauren. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q25: What is something you do that I wish you didn't? 
Phil: Touch my feet, leave cupboard doors open.
Alisha: Correct.

Q26: Where am I from? 
Phil: Liverpool. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q27: What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday? 
Phil: Pink fairy cake. 
Alisha: If I don't get a home-made pink fairy cake for my birthday this year, I will be rather disappointed.

Q28: Do I play any sports? 
Phil: Nope. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q29: What can I spend hours doing? 
Phil: Blogging. 
Alisha: Correct.

Q30: If I could live anywhere, where would it be? 
Phil: Watergate Bay.
Alisha: Correct. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this tag and getting to know my husband Phil more, thank you to everyone who asked me to do it and tagged me in it. 
With love, Alisha Valerie. x