Monday 6 July 2015

Deep Cleansing Beauty Facial | DIY

Today’s blog is all about Deep Cleansing and I thought it may be a really fun way of learning you how to do a deep cleanse if I gave you a step-by-step way of doing so on one of your friends. I learned how to do this when I was studying as a make up artist in college before I went to uni so it's been a really long time since I learned it, so I do know what I'm doing now when it comes to doing a deep cleansing facial routine. These steps are going to be really easy to follow and you and your friend (or friend’s) could have a girls night in one night after a long busy week and follow this giving each other a good deep cleanse.

1. Cleansing the face:
Prepare you friend by tucking their hair back with a hair band or head scarf. Cover their body with a warmed sheet and blanket or large bath towel. For comfort you may also like to place a rolled or folded towel under their neck or head for support. Lightly soak a small piece of soft cotton cloth with some cleaner. Try two-thirds soya milk or coconut milk diluted with one-third mineral water, filtered water or rain water. Gently work around the whole face with upward and circular movements.

2. Cleansing the neck:
Ease your friend’s neck to one side and smooth upwards from the upper chest and over the side of the neck and face with the dampened cloth. Complete the sequence over the throat, chin, the side of their face and behind the ears. Repeat two or three times until this side of the face and neck are thoroughly cleansed, then turn head and repeat the procedure on the opposite side.

3. Cleansing in and around the ears:
Dampen a thin part of the cloth and work into the outer part of the ear with one finger, cleansing the tiny crevices with a light pressure. Finish with a complete circle around the base, in the crease near the skull. Cleanse both ears thoroughly in this way.

4. Soothing the face:
Gently relax the facial muscles by soothing over the contours with a scented rose petal or fine textured flower.

5. Drying the forehead:
Arrange a folded pillowcase, made of plain or brushed cotton, into an oblong shape. Place over the forehead and sensitively smooth dry it from the centre of the temples. Repeat two or three times.

6. Drying the side of the face:
Place the long folded edge of the pillowcase down one side of the face, covering the nostril but not the nose, and bisecting the forehead. Lightly press your wording forefinger down the contour of the forehead and covered side of the nose. Then lightly smooth outward over that side of the face using the whole hand. Repeat on the other side of the face.

7. Drying the neck and throat:
Place the folded pillowcase on the upper part of the chest. Hold the edge nearest to the neck and draw upwards over the surface of the throat and neck towards the chin. Repeat two or three times, drying the whole of the neck and throat. As a variation, make a light roll and smooth over the throat with the same upward strokes.

8. Applying a scrub:
Using medium pressure on the face and lighter pressure around the neck, apply your favourite pre-prepared scrub with a natural bristle shaving brush, avoiding the orbits of the eyes and the lips.

9. Massaging in the scrub:
Work the scrub into the neck and throat with light, upward finger strokes. Work the chin with a light massage, using circular movements. Continue with circular movements until you have covered the whole of the face, again avoiding the orbits of the eyes and the lips.
Benefit; the scrub removes and breaks up dead skin and simulates the natural secretion of oils. This helps to prevent drying and ageing of the skin. Even oily skin needs exfoliating. For this type of skin, use a lighter lotion with a touch of fresh lemon or lime juice.

10. Washing off the scrub:
Wash off the scrub with a small, rough flannel, wrung out in warm water or cold rain water or mineral water. Alternatively use the ‘milk’ from two tablespoons of oatmeal in 600ml (1 pint) of hot water and strained. Gently dry the face with a warmed hand towel lightly scented with rosewater.

11. Applying a facial mask:
Using a softer natural bristle make-up brush, make gentle circular movements over the face as you apply the preparation. Avoid the orbits of the eyes and lips.

12. Setting the mask:
To keep the mask moist once applied, cover the face with thin slices of peeled cucumber. Leave the mask for about ten minutes.

13. Removing the mask:
Remove the sliced cucumber and the surface mask preparation with a cloth dampened with filtered warm water or cold rain water, mineral water or rose water. Pat the face dry with a warm, soft hand towel.

14. Nourishing and nurturing:
Warm some rich face cream by using the back of your hand as a palette, or warm it in a small ceramic bowl over hot water. Apply the cream with your middle fingers, starting at the forehead. Circle outwards, moving down to the temples then gently around the eye sockets and closed eyelids.

15. Lifting the cheeks:
Moisten your fingertips with more warmed face cream and smooth across the cheeks in circular strokes, working from the nose outwards. Lift and release the cheek muscles, starting near the nostrils and moving out to the temples.

16. Smoothing the lips:
Replenish your fingers with more cream, if necessary. Gently press your thumbs onto the upper lip under the nose, and your forefingers under the lower lip. Cradle the jaw with your palms and relax the thumbs outwards and upwards towards the temples. Circle the hollows of the temples with your index fingers. Gently press, pause and release. Repeat the whole process three times.

17. Smoothing the chin:
Gently pinch the fleshy part of the chin between your thumbs and forefingers. Smooth and ease along the jaw to the temples, finishing with circles. Press, pause and release, repeat three times.

18. Smoothing the neck:
Massage cream into the throat and neck with fingertips, using light, upward and alternating your hands. As a finishing touch, moisten an index finger and run it up from the tip of the nose to the third eye. Circle and press gently, pause and release.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x