Thursday 30 July 2015

Beauty Things I Suck At | Tag

This tag has been going around the internet for a really long time now and apparently Fleur De Force and Ingrid Nilsen Nilsen made this tag? I think, either way you can watch their video on what are their beauty things they suck at by clicking here.

These are my top seven beauty things I suck at; 

1. Applying fake tan: I love being pale skinned, and I don't like to wear fake tan a lot anyway but sometimes at a special event I do like a small glow look - mainly for my super pale milk bottled colour legs. I cannot apply fake tan, I completely suck at it, I end up orange looking and streaky and its just not a good look on anyone. 
2. Applying lip balm lots: Lip balm is so important, especially in the summer time, to protect your lips from all the damage that the sunshine can cause. I do apply lip balm every month but I suck at doing it through-out the day and some times at night time. 
3. Thin lined liquid eye liner: I'm great at doing a thick line but I completely suck at doing a thin lined liquid eye. I end up looking terrible. 
4. Doing anything at all with my hair: I suck at doing my hair all together. I wash it fine but styling it when drying or styling it in any way I suck at. Most of the time unless my hairdresser has gone it for me, its just been brushed and some kind of spray put on it. 
5. Waxing or shaping my own eye brows: I can do eye brows on other people amazingly, but I suck at waxing and styling my own eye brows. I can fill them in with a brow kit or pencil just fine but when waxing or shaping them, oh ouch the pain, I much prefer someone doing it for me. 
6. Using my finger tips with my eye make up: Trying to do this is one of the worst things that could happen for me. I have to use a make up brush. I can apply face and lip products just great but cannot do anything with my finger tips for my eyes. 
7. Putting nail polish on my nails on my right hand: I'm right handed and doing any polish or nail art on my right hand is shaken and it ends up a complete mess. I am great at doing nail polish or nail art on other people just not on myself. 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and thank you to everyone who tagged me in it. I want to tag so many people in this tag because I'm so interested in if you suck at similar things like me or not. These are all the people I want to tag: Becky, Elle, Em, Catherine, Beth, Amie, Tamzin,Cat, Ling, Bekka, Kayleigh, Kirsty, Alexandra, and I know she isn't a beauty blogger but I would love to know Sazzy's beauty things she sucks at too. If you've already done this tag or you are going to do this tag, send me the link of it please? I'd love to read them all. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post. Thank you again to everyone who tagged me, you are all amazing. Don't forget I'm putting up a new blog post every day this summer so make sure you come back tomorrow to see what tomorrow's blog post is going to be all about? 
I hope you all have a wonderful day! 

With love, Alisha Valerie. x