Thursday 2 July 2015

Meet My Brother | Sibling Tag

Thank you to everyone who tagged me in 'The Sibling Tag' and I'm sorry it's taken me nearly two years to do it! My brother came to stay overnight at my home last night and whilst he was here I asked him if he would do it, he agreed so here it is for you all. 

Q1. Who is the oldest? 

Moo: You are the oldest.
Alisha: I am. I will be 27 years old in 30 days, and Moo has just turned 16 years old. 

Q2. What do you like and dislike about your sibling(s)? 

Moo: You're very caring, but you have a short temper. You live too far away as well, I wish you lived closer. 
Alisha: Your dress sense is chavvy and not my style at all, but you're gorgeous and lovable and very kind. 

Q3. What do you and your sibling(s) have in common?

Moo: Same food, same Xbox games. We are both animal lovers. I suppose you could say we both like fashion. 
Alisha: Yes, although we have very different fashion senses, we are both big on fashion. 

Q4. Funniest memory?

Moo: Oh we have a few of these... When we went on holiday to Wales, it was a hot day and we put a can of coke in the freezer of our caravan, we forgot about it and about six hours later when we had been out and came back, we opened the freezer and the can exploded. Both our parents jumped and we just couldn't stop laughing at all! 
Or the time when our father made a fish tank for our pet fish, and the glass wasn't strong enough and the water pressure shattered the glass so we had to call our Grandparents who came running over to our home with buckets to catch the water so it didn't go all over the living room carpet and the fish so they didn't die. Thankfully the fish were saved but went to live with our Grandparents. We thought it we so funny! 
Alisha: I think it has to be the first Halloween was Moo really understood Halloween and we got all dressed up (Moo was a vampire and I was a witch), and kept hiding behind doors and in the cupboard at our home and jumping out to scare members of our family. 

Q5. Most memorable argument? 

Moo: We've never really had arguments. 
Alisha: We actually haven't, we hardly ever argue. 

Q6. What do you and your sibling(s) for fun?

Moo: Play Xbox, whenever we go on holidays or days out we go in the arcades and such. We watch movies and tv series etc. 
Alisha: We usually just go out on days outs and go out to eat and such, or whenever one of us is visiting the other one we play Xbox. 

Q7. Describe each other in one word?

Moo: Determinant. And caring. 
Alisha: The only word I can think of is "grown-up" but that's two words. You are gorgeous though. 

Q8. Have you ever liked one of their friends? 

Moo: Yes but I can't think of her name. 
Alisha: Your friends have always been really young because there are about ten years between us so nope. 

Q9. Favourite inside joke?

Moo: When I was little and Sassy was only a pup Alisha used to pretend that Sassy could talk to entertain me and make funny voices to make me laugh. 
Alisha: When we both know something or want something, we give each other this look. It's like our little look lol. 

Q10. Post/show an earliest photo of you and your sibling(s)?


I hope you all enjoyed this blog, and thank you again to everyone who has tagged me in it. I hope you all have a wonderful day! 

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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