Monday, 4 June 2018

How To Be A Morning Person

I love mornings, they're my "me time". A time in the day where everything is relaxed and peaceful, nothing has happened yet, my day hasn't fully started and I can spend a little while just being chilled. So, I thought that since I've seen so many people on social media moaning about their mornings recently I thought I would share some tips with you all on how to be a morning person..

|| Go To Sleep Early & Wake Up Early || This was my biggest thing I had to get into the habit of doing. I never used to be a morning person, to be honest with you I hated mornings, it was always the worst part of the day for me because I would get so stressed out about the day ahead and making sure I knew what was happening and how it was going to be achieved, I'd stay up late until the early hours worrying that I wouldn't be able to get everything I needed to be done doing and I'd stay in bed until silly o'clock so I wouldn't have to get up and start it then would run out of hours. 

|| Start Your Day Positive || On a good day, I like to listen to a Be Inspired motivation speech video from their YouTube channel. Their videos really motivate me and make my day start off a whole lot better. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-worth or just find it difficult to be positive or get yourself out of bed in the morning I highly recommend checking them out. On a really bad anxious day I like to do a Michael Sealey meditation, my favourite is his "Guided Meditation for Morning Inspiration and Positive Energy" which is a special collaboration with the lovely Elaine Martin.

|| Turn Off Your Alarm || This is the biggest tip which someone gave to me which really helped, instead of snoozing my alarm or sleeping with it next to me or under my pillow I now sleep mobile-free and have it placed on my dresser because I know when my alarm goes off I'm gonna have to get up out of bed to turn it off so I don't even bother pressing snooze because I'm already up and out of bed. On days when I'm struggling to get the motivation to actually get up out of bed to turn it off, I always count down from 5 - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and on number one I jump up out of bed. It honestly really works!

|| Let Light In || I love opening my curtains and blinds as soon as I am awake of a morning, I love waking up and having the sun shining on my face, it makes me feel refreshed and awake. Letting the brightness into your morning is basically letting brightness into your day and your life. I personally find that the brighter the room is by natural light, the happier and more positive I feel. I get so much blogging done with when I'm in a light, bright room.

|| Have A Good Healthy Breakfast || Filling your body with a big yummy breakfast of a morning sets you up for the whole day. If you're like me and don't really feel like eating anything at all of a morning then munch on a piece of fruit or make yourself a smoothie. Try not to have something which is filled with too much sugar otherwise within an hour or so you'll have a mega sugar crash and won't feel like doing anything.

|| Listen To Something You Love || Making a morning playlist on spotify or itunes is such a great thing as you can get up and put your playlist on, play some of your favourite music and have a little bit of a dance whilst going about your day. If you're not really into listening to music of a morning but need some motivation then why not listen to a Be Inspired video on YouTube? They're some of my favourite videos to listen to of a morning as they make me feel so motivated.

Are you a morning person? Do you think any of these tips will help you be? Are there any other things that I haven't listed you do of a morning which helps you? Let me know in the comments..

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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  1. I always try to start my day positively x

  2. I'm weirdly a morning person and a night owl..I'm just not a huge fan of the rest of the day haha!
    I love listening to music and having a good breakfast to start my day off right x

  3. I wish I could be more of a morning person. I'm not the worst, but I'm not the best. I'm wide wide wide awake at night no matter how tired I am. I think I'm afraid of missing something! x

  4. Since having children I have developed the ability to be a morning person when its needed as I know sometimes a good positive start helps everyone out, I also find opening a window even on cold days really helps x

  5. Love this! Yes, I let the light in and lately, I've been listening to podcasts every single morning.

  6. all great tips! I definitely struggle with mornings so I'll try these out to see if they help me :)

    The ecoLogical

  7. This was such a good post, I'm not a morning person at all unless I'm going somewhere like on a day trip or on holiday then I don't mind getting up haha! I'd love to be more alive and positive in a morning so I'm definitely going to use some of these tips! Thanks for sharing lovely!

    Jess //

  8. Totally agree on the go to bed soon and get up sooner.
    Great points in this.

  9. Love this post! Eating a good healthy heart breakfast is vital x

  10. I love the 5,4,3,2,1 countdown idea. To be honest if it was me I’d get to one and then go ‘just 5 more minuets’

    Tasha x

  11. I’ve been enjoying walking up with the sun lately. It may be at an early hour but it’s energising.

  12. There are some amazing tips here - I am very much a morning person!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  13. One of my biggest things in the morning is to listen to uplifting audiobooks, it make me excited to wake up! I love these tips!

  14. I am quite a morning person already - I think reading as I wake up helps x

  15. I'm definitely not a morning person but feel so much more productive when I get up early!

    Gemma Louise

  16. Since I started full time work I’ve found myself coping with early starts much better, I just wish I knew how to get home at 5pm and not immediately want to have a nap haha!
    Emma |

  17. I couldn't agree more about how good it is to sleep with your phone away from you, when my alarm goes off I'm forced to get up immediately and turn it off because I leave mine charging overnight on the other side of my room! Letting the light in is great too, always makes me feel more alive!

    Abbey xx

  18. Oh I wish I could get to sleep early but I find it such a struggle. I physically can't sleep unless I'm actually tired. I get all agitated and fidgety. x

  19. Definitely agree with letting the light in! I sleep with an eye mask on, but if I take it off after my alarm goes off I tend to wake up a lot easier x

  20. Good tips. I purposely have quite thin curtains as the light really helps. It's always harder in the winter when it's dark outside.
    It also helps me to be warm. I can't get out of bed if the room is cold. Brrr!
    I like to do a short 10 min blogilates video when I wake up as well.
    Tea in the Tub

  21. I really could use these tips I'm rubbish of a morning

  22. I really do need to learn to become more of a morning person! I start work at 11, so I wake up later than my usual routine now but I love it. Although I do think I should make most of the morning time to be more productive!

    Jessica & James | /

  23. I definitely need any tips I can get! Great post x

  24. Love this post! I recently ran a somewhat tongue and cheek poll on Twitter; asking people if they were morning or night people. Most indicated night. I am also a night person. But as you mention in your post; going to bed early can really help. I started doing this recently and it has really helped change my mornings!

    Mind and Love

  25. I love this blog post! I am definitely a morning person naturally but there are things that I do to try and make my morning that little bit better. I always meditate, practice gratitude, listen to a podcast whilst walking my dog and then try and tick one thing off my to do list before 10am. I work from home and I find that this really helps me to stay motivated!

    Great tips.