Friday 30 August 2019

What's in My Over-Night Bag? | 2019

Hello my lovelies! You have probably noticed that this year my husband and I have been on a couple of overnight stays with the Travelodge* in a couple of lovely places in the UK, as it was one of my goals this year to travel around the UK a little bit more, and since I do get asked all of the time what I take with me, I thought I would do a blog post sharing so it can help out more people.


My purse with money, bank cards and store cards in. My mobile, mobile phone charger and portable phone charger. Our hotel booking details. Moisturising lip balm, sunglasses, hand sanitiser, small fold away hairbrush, tissues. My journal and pen. Deck of cards, just encase. 


Clothes I take with me: underwear and comfortable socks. Nightwear. Day dress for the afternoons and an evening dress encase we go out for a meal. Cardigan encase it gets chilly in the evening. Plain black leggings, just encase. Casual t-shirt, just encase.  

Toilette bag: makeup and makeup brushes, usually whatever is in my makeup bag at that time of the year plus nail polish, nail polish remover and tweezers. Moisturiser. Makeup remover wipes. Perfume. Deodorant. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Body washes, shampoo and conditioner - plus dry shampoo. Sensitive skin baby wipes, cotton buds and cotton pads. Suncream and aftersun cream. Hairbrush, hairclips and headband. Condoms. Period supplies. Headache strips and paracetamol as I suffer from headaches.

Jewellery: usually a nice necklace to wear with my evening dress. Travel iron: I'm not a fan of creased shirts. Travel hairdryer as not every hotel has one. Sewing kit, just encase. 


Of course, before any journey, I always make sure that I have my wheelchair. Travel mug: usually with a latte in it. Hot water bottle and blanket: due to my ulcerative colitis, I like to have a hot water bottle during car journeys and encase I get cold. My iPad. CDs: we love listening to music during our car journeys. Basic first aid kit. Eye mask encase I want a little nap in the car and also because I cannot sleep in a strange room so this is my mini comfort from home. 

I really hope you enjoyed reading about what I take with me whenever I'm going overnight to stay somewhere, and hopefully it gave you some tips on what you could take with you whenever you are planning a trip. Sending everyone all my love,

With love, Alisha Valerie. x