Friday 11 September 2020

At Home Thai Head Massage | DIY

AD | Hello my lovelies, happy Friday, I really hope that you're all having the best day and a wonderful start to your weekend ahead so far. There is nothing better than cosy nights in the winter weather at home, with your favourite people, having a glass of wine and a pamper after a long week. So that being said, in this blog post I am going to share with you all how to give your family members or friends a thai head massage from home and how easy it is to learn them to give you one in return...

| Step 1: Pounding The Head | Stand behind your friend and gently rest your hands on their shoulders to centre and focus your attention. Take a minute to connect with their breathing rhythms. Place your palms together, overlapping the thumbs. Keep your wrists very relaxed as you gently ‘pound’ the whole of the head with the edge of your hands.

| Step 2: Pressing The Head | Lightly interlace your fingers and 'cup’ the top of the head. Gently press the heels of the hands into the sides of their head, lifting the scalp. Hold for a week seconds, release slightly and repeat two or three times. Tilt their head forward and lace your hands around the back of their neck. Press, hold and release two or three times.

| Step 3: Cradling The Face | Mould your fingers around the eyes, nose, lips and chin, holding for two or three breaths. Press gently before lightly tracing your fingers up towards the temples. Repeat two or three times. Rest your hands back on the shoulders, allowing your friend to lean against your body for support.

| Step 4: Press The Temples | Ensure that your friends’ head is upright and support their body with yours. Place the heels of your hands in front of their ears and the plams over the temples. Circle over the cheekbones into the hollows of the cheeks to move the facial muscles.

| Step 5: Smoothing The Brow | Alternating your hands, stroke your fingers upwards over the brow to their hairline, in a smoothing movement. Repeat two or three times.

| Step 6: Circling and Moving The Scalp | Press your finger tips into the head and, using your thumbs as levers, move the scalp in small circular movements. Lift your heads and replace your fingertips on different areas of the head until you thoroughly massaged every part. To finish, smooth and stroke over the hair, allowing your friend to lean and rest against you for a minute.

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With love, Alisha Valerie. x