Friday 25 September 2020

Types of Rest

AD | Hello my lovelies, happy Friday, I hope that you're all having a wonderful start to your weekend. There is nothing I enjoy more than finishing a stressful day or a long week and resting. Resting is so important for us, for our mental health and well-being. So I wanted to share with you my top three tips on how to take some time away and recharge your mind and your body...

| Turn Your Mobile Phone Off | Your phone may be an awesome handheld device that keeps you in touch with your close family and friends, it keeps you connected with the big wide interweb with all of your social media apps and of course, it entertains you with random cat videos from YouTube - but we can all get so distracted by our mobile phones that we start switching off from listening to our mind and body because our thoughts are focused elsewhere. Turn your mobile off, even for an hour every day to start with and relax.

| Doing Something "Unproductive" | Having a nap, watching your favourite childhood or Disney movie, or even just sitting with a cup of tea and watching the world go by out of your window are some of the best ways to be unproductive. Your thoughts then shift to what makes you happy, memories and this way you can really connect with yourself again instead of worrying about getting the next thing done on your endless to-do list.

| Connection To Art and Nature | I've said it so many times before and I'll say it again, being creative is one of the best things for your own self-care and wellbeing. Express yourself. Dance. Sing. Create art. Craft. Paint. Sit in your garden. Plant flowers. Listen to the birds singing. Mediate. Do yoga. Have amazing sex. Whatever it is that makes you feel happy and safe, then do it - and do as much of it as you possibly can!

What are your favourite ways to have some rest and recharge? I'd love to know your thoughts so please leave me a little comment of love on one of my social media pages and let me know your views? I'm sending you all so much love for a wonderful day x

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. Being creative is soooo helpful. I like mixing my creativity with productivity, like bullet journals (I'm starting my first one soon!), mind maps, body maps, etc. :D

    Just spending time with my little family, doing something like playing a game or cuddling our kitties and bun, etc. is enough to recharge me and make me happy too.

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