Wednesday 7 February 2018

Quirky Gift Ideas For Valentines | Guest Post

Valentine’s Day, there’s no better way to spread some love with a little gift. Here is a top 10 List of quirky, affordable gifts to say I love you.

Gin & Tea Cocktail Set £30 from Forget tea, I drink Gin! This is surely one of the gifts of 2018 with it’s quirky twist and take on the classic teapot.

Colour changing Unicorn Mug £9.99 from I Want One Of Those This 3D adorable mug will change colours when filled with a hot drink, perfect with hot chocolate in front of the fire, this colourful creation will sparkle love into any heart.

The Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love’ Mug and saucer set £14.99 from TruffleShuffle Lennon and McCartney brought love to the charts and now love to your cup!

A4 Cinematic Lightbox £16.99 from The Fowndry Fridge magnet letters are so 1999, so say I love you in big bright letters on this stunning lightbox!

Soiree Inside Out Champagne Flutes £14.99 from I Want One Of Those, Love is from within, inside out and these quirky glasses will make sparkling fizz go down well!

Drop Rainbow Light £14.99 from The Fowndry This bath light will set the mood and help relax with its stunning cycle of wonderful colours that make bath time extra special.

Globe Journal £32.99 from The Fowndry Pen your travels on this 3D globe that you can colour, jot and jet set across the world. Pin point your plans and colour where you’ve been.

Pusheen Egg Cups £12.00 from Tesco How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours with a kiss.

Geo Glass Gold, 2 Pack, £28.00 from These wonderful glasses add glam to any date night, bottoms up!

Rainbow In My Room £9.99 from The Hut For the rainbow in your life, this projector lights up any room by beautifully projecting a rainbow, brightening up your day!

What's your favourite quirky gift from this list?

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. These gifts are too adorable! Anything quirky and I'm there haha x Lovely post! I especially adore the globe, it's such a good idea if you like travelling together! xx

    1. I adore the globe too lovely, it's such a cute present isn't it?! I really love it. Thank you so much for your comment 🌸✨

  2. G&T is any fave and I adore that set. Root 7 is such a great brand and would defo purchase for myself or maybe for the OH that I can also use haha

    Jessica & James | /

    1. I'm not the biggest fan of Gin and Tonic myself but I do love a nice Whiskey and Coke so the glasses would be good for that too I suppose. Thank you so much for your comment darlings! 🌸✨

  3. I absolutely adore that best holidays globe! Is it bad that I kind of want to get myself one? Pretty sure that's not the point of Valentine's but there's nothing wrong with treating yourself too x


    1. Haha nope babe, buy yourself one! Thank you for your comment 🌸✨

  4. Sure, everyone enjoys receiving gifts, both big and small. It is a big ego-booster that makes you think, "Awwww, that's sweet. You're thinking of me." And that's usually the end of it. XXL TeddyBär