Wednesday 10 October 2018

Far Cry Review | Morphilms Blogs

A couple of months ago the wonderful people at Amazon Prime* sent my husband Phil a new game to test out and review for free, here are his thoughts on Far Cry 5*!

I like Far Cry 5*. Something Ubisoft have always done well with this series is focusing on the antagonist. From the deadly jackal, insane Vaas or the egotistical pagan min, Far Cry 5*s, Joseph seed drips with a sense of self-righteousness as he guides hope county to salvation.

Far Cry 3 had numerous parallels to Alice in Wonderland, far cry: Blood Dragon was a love story to the 80s retro genre and Far Cry 4 was a story of heritage vs progress. Far Cry 5* mirrors the west evangelical Baptist church and their cult-like approach of instilling fear and ostracising the God-fearing people of a small town in America.

The gameplay has been set since 3, with major choices when it comes to how you engage the enemy, with numerous weapons, vehicles (including planes) and various perks that allow a different approach each time. You play your way. Want to be stealthy with bows, smoke bombs and takedowns, go ahead. Want to just get the loudest gun, with the biggest explosive driving in on a machine gun mounted jeep, light em up kid.

Something that comes back from Far Cry 2 is the buddy system. In the war against the cult of Eden prime, you can call on various figures to help you out with backup in the form of a sniper, airstrikes or even a bear! If you're in the heat of battle and you get shot down, there's a chance your gun for hire can revive you and the action continues. If you're online, you can invite a friend and co-op play means, you, your friend and your gun for hire can fight back against the twisted Seed family.

Maybe all this fighting killer cults a bit too much and all you wanna do is relax at the serene Montana beauty, well you can, by fishing. Fishing on Far Cry 5* reminded me a great deal of Zelda: Ocarina of time. The learning curve is quite simple and lets you compete against in-game records. It's a nice simple way of investing you in the game without the need to physically hurt anyone.

Overall Far Cry 5* was a joy to play, taking leaps and bounds on what has worked for the series and investing its time evolving with the player to keep them challenged but still enjoying the game. Far Cry 5* is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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