Monday 15 October 2018

Happy Halloween with Morphilms | TAG

Halloween is literally nearly here, words cannot express how much I adore celebrating this holiday, so in true blogger fashion I thought that my husband Morphilms and I would share with you a Halloween themed tag which we were tagged in last year and never got around to doing. Hope you all enjoy!

1. Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song?
Morphilms: Monster Mash!
Alisha-Valerie: Michael Jackon's Thriller!

2. Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark forest or in an abandoned building?
Morphilms: Werewolf?
Alisha-Valerie: A massive insect, like a spider or a moth etc, I am terrified of them!

3. Have you ever played with an Ouija Board? Would you?
Morphilms & Alisha-Valerie: No and no.

4. Favourite horror monster or villain?
Morphilms: Cthulu.
Alisha-Valerie: Cruella De Vil.

5. The creepiest thing that’s ever happened while you were alone?
Morphilms: Half asleep I miss saw a pile of laundry and couldn't figure out what it was.
Alisha-Valerie: We had spirits in our old house in Prescot which made themselves known by messing with everyone - moving things, hiding things, etc.

6. If you were dared to spend the night in a “haunted house”, would you do it?
Morphilms: Oh yeah, sure.
Alisha-Valerie: Depends what I get at the end of it.

7. Are you superstitious?
Morphilms: To a certain point.
Alisha-Valerie: Yes.

8. Do you ever see figures in your peripheral vision?
Morphilms: Nope.
Alisha-Valerie: Yeah.

9. Which urban legend scares you the most?
Morphilms: The ghost in three men and a baby.
Alisha-Valerie: Bloody Mary, I get freaked out by mirrors.

10. Do you prefer gore or thrillers?
Morphilms & Alisha-Valerie: Thrillers.

11. Do you believe in multiple dimensions or worlds?
Morphilms: Yeah.
Alisha-Valerie: Yeah.

12. Ever made a potion of any sort?
Morphilms: Nope.
Alisha-Valerie: Yeah when I was younger my friends and I used to make special perfumes from flower petals in the garden and say they were love potions, lol.

13. Do you get scared easily?
Morphilms: Nope.
Alisha-Valerie: It depends.

14. Have you ever played Bloody Mary?
Morphilms & Alisha-Valerie: Nope.

15. Do you believe in demons/the devil?
Morphilms: Nope.
Alisha-Valerie: Yes.

16. You're home alone but you hear footsteps in your house, what do you do?
Morphilms: Investigate.
Alisha-Valerie: Leave them be.

17. If you got trapped in one scary movie, which would you choose?
Morphilms: Scary Movie!
Alisha-Valerie: Sabrina!

18. If you could only wear one Halloween costume for the rest of your life, what would you be?
Morphilms: Chucky.
Alisha-Valerie: Something warm, lol.

19. Would you ever go to a graveyard at night?
Morphilms: Yeah.
Alisha-Valerie: Sure.

20. In a zombie apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?
Morphilms: Zombie repellent.
Alisha-Valerie: A car.

21. Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating?
Morphilms: Halloween party.
Alisha-Valerie: Halloween party.

22. You’re in a horror movie. Are you the final girl, the first to die, the comic relief, the sceptic, the smart one, or the killer?
Morphilms: The sceptic.
Alisha-Valerie: Probably the first to go, lol.

23. Do you have to watch something happy after watching a horror movie so you can go to sleep?
Morphilms: Nope.
Alisha-Valerie: Nahh, just sleep.

24. Whilst watching scary movies, are you the person who yells at the characters, the person with their eyes covered the whole time or the person who falls asleep?
Morphilms: Falls asleep.
Alisha-Valerie: I fall asleep to everything, so falls asleep.

25. Are you the one who gets scared, or the one who does the scaring?
Morphilms: Gets scared.
Alisha-Valerie: I scare Phil all the time, lol.

26. Name your favourite horror themed book?
Morphilms & Alisha-Valerie: John Constantine's graphic novels.

27. How old were you when you saw your first horror movie?
Morphilms & Alisha-Valerie: I'm not sure, early teenager.

28. What was your first Halloween costume?
Morphilms: Store-bought horror mask.
Alisha-Valerie: A witch!

29. What are you going to be for Halloween this year?
Morphilms & Alisha-Valerie: Watching horror movies and eating junk food.

30. If you could have a spooky Halloween pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf), what would you pick?
Morphilms: Wolf!
Alisha-Valerie: I'm a massive animal lover so I'd love any!

We'd really love to tag Aime, Abbey, Emma, Cat, Dana, Kiah and Jessica & James in this blog post to do this tag too, we would love to read your answers so please tag up if and when you get around to completing it so we can have a read and leave you a comment,

With love, Alisha Valerie and Morphilms. x


  1. I'm terrified of spiders too my darling!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. I'd never do a Ouija board either!


  3. Great tag - I love halloween! x

  4. Such a cute tag and post to do for October!

    Gemma Louise

  5. Ah I love Halloween! I'm a big fan of thrillers too although now and again I like a bit of gore, haha!

    Sarah xx

  6. Ohh this is an interesting read. I hate spiders too.

  7. I LOVE that your favourite horror character is Cruella De Vil lol. this was a fun read - love the idea of this tag!

    The ecoLogical

  8. This was so fun to read! I love Halloween x

  9. I loved this, especially because you did it with your husband! I'd absolutely love a black cat (big cat lady me)

    Tabitha x

  10. I loved this - it was so fun to read!
    I'm also petrified of spiders, even fake ones give me the creeps x

  11. It's so nice to get both you and your husbands choices. I love seeing how differently or the same couples choose :)

  12. I love the fact you chose Cruella as your favourite villain, got to squeeze some Disney in somewhere! x x
    Ellis ||

  13. What a great tag! I don't like anything about Halloween but these are some interesting answers - Thriller is one of my favourite songs too.

    Amy |

  14. Fab post, I'm not a big fan of halloween at all though!

  15. Great tag! I don’t know what ‘bloody Mary’ is but I don’t think I want to look in a mirror anymore

    Tasha x

  16. This was a great tag, I loved reading both your answers.