Monday 3 February 2020

My Valentines Day Makeup Look | 2020

AD | Hello my lovelies, happy Monday! I'm collaborating with one of my favourites ever brands Revolution Beauty* on today's article and I've put this Valentines Day post up a little early but I wanted to make sure that you all have time to go online and order these gorgeous products I've used.

- FACE -

| Concealer | Revolution Beauty's Conceal & Define Concealer* in shade CO.1 has completely changed my life! It's so hard to find a concealer which will colour my very dark purple eye circles (personally I think it's something to do with my iron deficiency anaemia) whilst also matching my Snow White pale skin.
What Revolution have to say: "Ageless. Unisex. Affordable. Yours. The concealer for everyone. 50 shades ranging from fair to deep, in a range of undertones. A lightweight yet full coverage concealer to cover blemishes, even skin tone and counteract dark circles, with a matte finish that won't settle or accentuate fine lines and pores. The long-wearing intense pigment that can also be used to contour and add definition. The doe-foot applicator allows for a smooth application that won't drag on the delicate skin under your eyes."

| Face Powder | Thankfully lately I haven't needed to wear much foundation or face powder so I've just been using Barry M Cosmetics' Ready Set Smooth setting foundation a tiny bit, but sadly this product has been discontinued which makes me so sad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the wonderful people at Barry M Cosmetics bring it back soon.

| Blusher | My gorgeous husband Phil bought me this beautiful 'Blushing Heart Blusher' by Revolution Beauty for Christmas this year as one of my gifts. This product is a triple baked obsession in a gorgeous such a pretty kawaii-feel 3D heart-shaped box design, it has three gorgeous shimmery shades each merged together to make the loveliest blush on your skin. Great product for any beauty lover.

| Highlighter | SO MANY people have raved about this product over the past few years, and rightly so. Sleek Makeup's Solstice Highlighter Palette is a perfect product in my eyes, with its complexion radiant glow, the highly pigmented metallic finishes create a gorgeous luminous sheen on the skin. This versatile face and body highlighting palette suits all skin tones - including my pale skin which is so hard to find. This is your go-to highlighting palette for superluminescent glow as it's just so pigmented. It includes two baked powders, one luxurious cream formula and one silky shimmer powder. You can use it on your face and body for shimmer and sheen. And it can fit in the smallest of clutch bags too, amazing little product!

| EYES |

| Eye Shadow | I used my beautiful "Revolution X Imogenation The Eyeshadow Palette" for my eyes as I adore all of the beige and brown colours in it as it makes my blue eyes shine. Imogenation The Eyeshadow Palette features 20 handpicked pigmented eyeshadow shades. Including 4 neutral and warm transitional shades, plus a mixture of matte and metallic bronze, orange, burgundy, pink and gold hues. Imogen said: “I wanted to create palettes that had versatility and accessibility for everyone. I wanted to create a palette with a bigger centre… so that they’re your go-to, standard shades. Everything else is added extras.”

| Mascara | I am a massive fan of Barry M Cosmetics' ‘Showgirl’ Extra Volumising Mascara in shade black, it's my go-to mascara every time I do my makeup. Let this amazing mascara give you real BIG impact lashes with a curvaceous, spiral-wand, the Showgirl Volumising Mascara is designed to enhance and magnify the shape and dimension of your lashes for a look that’s beautifully larger than life and for only £4.99. I can't recommend this product enough!

| Eyebrows | Get brows of distinction with Barry M Cosmetics' Brow Wow Pencil. It's designed to fill gaps and define shape, you’ll have perfect brows in just a few strokes. Easy to apply with a light hand draw short, feathery strokes along the brow line in the same direction as the hair. Then, once you're happy with the shape and definition, simply brush hair into place. This product comes in two shades: light/medium (the one I use) and medium/dark.

| LIPS |

| Lips | I actually made my lip paint myself so if anyone would like to know how how to do this then leave a little comment below and I'll get a 'do-it-yourself' article up asap.

What are your thoughts on Revolution Beauty's Conceal & Define Concealer*? Have you ever tried using any of their other products? What's your favourite of theirs? I'd love to know your thoughts and views so please send me a messgae or tweet letting me know. Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x