Sunday 22 March 2020

Answering Your Questions...

Hello my lovelies, happy Sunday and a very Happy Mothers Day to all of the wonderful mum's out there, I really hope that you're all having a fantastic weekend. A couple of days ago I put out an Instagram highlight asking you all to pop some questions in a question box for me to answer in a post and here is this post...

Please note: Some questions were repeatedly asked so they may not be exactly the way you asked them but will be very similar. x

| How are you feeling about the coronavirus? | So far, I'm feeling okay. I'm worried just like everyone else of course but I'm trying not to watch the news or read anything about it on social media so it doesn't affect my anxiety. I've had an email from my hospital about what I personally should do and I'm going to follow that advice rather than anyone else's advice.

| How are you and your husband coping being around each other at home so much? | We are fine, we are just gutted that we can't go and socialise and that we may have to cancel our holiday in June. Thankfully my husband and I are a couple that actually get along great. Of course, we aren't perfect and although we had little bickering about really silly stuff, we are fine thirty seconds later.

| What do you think about bloggers and influencers posting normally? | I think it's a good idea, and it's what I'm trying to do myself. We all know and understand how serious this problem is but we have followers and readers who rely on us to brighten up their day just a little bit so posting normally is a great thing. We have enough bad vibes with the news cramming the coronavirus news down our throats we need a bit of normality in this madness too.

| What music is your favourite to listen to right now? | I'm not much of a fan of newer music, to be honest. I love Pink Floyd, Green Day, P!nk, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Lucy Spraggan, The Script and have recently really started loving Tom Walker. His album 'What a Time To Be Alive' is a must-listen! I also love Irish bands like Barleyjuice, The Tossers and The Dubliners. Some of my all-time favourite music is in THIS PLAYLIST I made on Spotify which you can have a listen to.
(This post is not sponsored by Spotify but I have worked with them in the past.)

| What happened with your cooker? | About a month ago, before the virus all started, we were cooking the Sunday dinner and our electric oven went on fire, there were properly flames and it scared us a lot. Phil got the fire out quickly and safely but the flames had already destroyed out cooker, and the wall/plug sockets behind it so we needed a new one. We ordered a new cooker and it has came but we haven't been able to get it installed yet due to the outbreak of the virus. I have contacted someone to come and sort it for us and he is supposed to be coming tomorrow afternoon to do so, keep your fingers crossed for us - please and thank you!

| Why did you change your livingroom around? | Spring was coming and we just wanted a little bit of a change in our home, there was no big real reason really. It was a very spare of the moment decision but we really like it this new way so it feels good to have a fresh change now that e are stuck at home, plus it gives us a little bit more room.

| How long have you been vegan? | I've been vegan for five years on June 1st this year. I am so happy that I changed my diet to a vegan diet as it has really helped my health and made a huge diffence on my relationship with food.

| How are you celebrating Mothers Day this year? | I've been at home all day, haven't done a lot really other than cleaning, social media work and playing with Daisy. If you have seen my post on Instagram this morning then you'll know I was a little upset this morning but I'm feeling tons better now.

| What are your favourite shows to binge-watch? | Oh my gosh, I could recommend tons! Orphan Black, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Publisher, New Amsterdam, Downton Abbey, Cowboy Bebop, Paranoia Agent, Call The Midwife, Don't Fuck With Cats, American Horror Story, Line of Duty, The Vampire Diaries, V Wars, Expedition Happiness, Peaky Blinders, Happy Valley, Dr Foster, Haunted, The Haunting of Hill House, Prison Break, Doctor Who, The Durrells, Unforgotten, Three Girls, In The Dark, The Crown, I could really recommend so many it just depends on what you like to watch. All of these are all either on Amazon Prime, Netflix, ITV Player or BBC iPlayer. (This post is not sponsored by any of these channels but I do work with them in all as part of other projects.)

| What is something on your to-do list that you are hoping to get some during isolation? | I'd love to get our gardens sorted out but it's too cold right now to do so, otherwise I just really want to focus more on myself and my website. I want to do more self-care and watch more shows that I never seem to get time to actually watch too.

| Due to having ulcerative colitis, how are you going to cope if you run out of toilet paper? | Right now we are okay for toilet paper, we buy a twenty-four pack of toilet paper every month and that lasts us just over one month. Thankfully I'm not having an ulcerative colitis flare-up right now so I'm just going to the toilet like a "normal person" which I am so happy about. Just before the virus happened we had bought toilet paper in our weekly shop so we are good for now but who knows what is going to happen in the future.

| Are you going to be doing any Instagram lives during the isolation time? | I don't have any plans to do one at all really, I feel like if I was to do one no-one would join in and I'd just be sat on my own haha!

| Are you gutted Easterends is now only on twice a week? | I am! I'm super gutted but really happy that at least it's going to be on twice a week as they could have cancelled it altogether so it could be worse, lol.

| What does your job actually entail? | I am lucky enough to be under an influencer management program. Stripping it all back I had two main roles, one is I am a blogger that gets items and products sent to me for a written review on my website here, and two is that I am a social media influencer for ITV. So during the weekly morning 'magazine' shows on ITV (GMB, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women), I watch the show and tweet about them or post on Instagram about whatever the topics are on the show during the day. I also watch and tweet about other shows on ITV too - example: entertainment shows like Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway or dramas like Liar. Sometimes I get to choose what I would like to watch and talk about, and sometimes it's apart of my contract to do so. Stripping it all back that is basically what I do, but of course, nothing is ever that simple lol.

| What food have you been cooking as you haven't got a cooker working at home? | Thankfully we have our slow cooker, grill and microwave so we have had been able to make some meals which have really just been a lot of casseroles, curries and some sausage on toats - all vegan of course. 

| Is Daisy loving having Phil at home all the time? | She is loving it! I think it's a little confused because we are always home and she can't go out on her usual daily walks but we have been taking her in our gardens and letting her run about freely in the house so she doesn't feel trapped or caged up in one or two rooms.

| Happy Ostara! Have you decorated your alter? | Happy Ostara my lovely! I have done yes. I haven't been able to do a lot as I wanted to get fresh flowers etc but I have done what I can. I have a pink floral-scented candle with a wreath around it, and on the left side I have an incense stick holder and a bunny, and on the right, I have some Spring-based crystals and a positive fairy. I'd love to see your Ostara alter pictures so please tag me in them or send them to me so I can view them?

| How are you going to keep on top of colouring your hair whilst you are trapped indoors? | I'm just gonna go with it and see what happens, obviously, my dark-brown roots are going to start showing but when that happens I'll just order my hair dye online and I'll ask Phil to do dye my hair for me. I always just put the hair dye over my roots now anyway without pre-lightening so it won't be too bad. He has done it in the past so kind knows what to do, I'll just talk him through it and I'm sure it will be fine.

| Can you recommend an amazingly good hand cream? | I can recommend the two that I swear by. The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector and the Joules hand cream set. You can buy both online via their websites or on Amazon.

| What are your thoughts on people who aren't talking this virus seriously or who are stockpiling? | They are bastards. It has come to light that so many people (many of who I have unfollowed on social media) in our country are so selfish and horrible. I can't understand why people have to buy more than one thing? less fortunate or on a low income. 

| Will you ever buy a Chinese takeaway again as its China's fault this virus is happening? | I feel like this question was so racist it annoyed me. Yes I will eat Chinese food in the future. I'm trying not to eat any takeaways at all right now and only cooking what we have in our cupboards but why would I not buy from my local vegan takeaway once this is all over? My local Chinese takeaway is owned and run by Chinese people who live in the UK and are affected too. 

| Now that you can't have sex with your husband, are you having a lot more masturbation time? | Firstly, this question was asked by a complete wanker and I wasn't going to answer it at first but hey self-care is important right?!

Stay strong, stay home, stay safe. 

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. Can’t believe the question about a takeaway! We have been having more recently to support local takeaways as a lot of people are avoiding them! xx

  2. I also think it's good for influencers to be posting normally, as some people need that normality and stability to escape the current chaos and anxiety. <3

  3. Question 2 is an interesting one, and going to test some relationships 😂

    I’m carrying my blog on as normal for my own sanity if nothing else. If people want to read, they will, if they don’t, they won’t....same as always.

  4. Oh wow, those last two question?! I'm glad to hear you're coping well with the virus. I'm feeling much happier knowing more people are going to be indoors. I don't know how you coped without an oven for so long, I hope you do managed to get your new one fitted soon. The food supply situation is stressing me out a little bit now too. People are so selfish! x


  5. Fab post! :) I hope you stay safe and manage to get your cooker up soon! Stay wonderful :) x

  6. Jeez those last two questions! The nerve of some people! x

  7. Loved getting to more about you, thanks for answering these questions! x

    xoxo Olivia |

  8. The last two questions got tho, I would have answered it differently but I am glad you were calm in your replies. It is great to learn more about you

  9. I love these type of get to know you posts!