Monday 30 March 2020

Sweet Serenities Wax Melts | Review

AD | Hello my lovelies, happy Monday! On Saturday I posted an article all about a brand that I've had the honour of working with, Sweet Serenities Ltd*, and today I wanted to share with you a little review article of their products and why you need to get your hands on some before they sell out!

You can pick between the Sweet Serenities Wax Melt* fragrances of Amber and Sweet Orange, White Musk, Thai Lime and Mango, Fresh Linen, Vanilla, Relaxing Embrace, Pampering Bliss or my personal favourite Lily of The Valley. If you fancy trying a few wax melts at a time then you can even buy their Assorted Wax Melt Bundleswhich come in packs of five or ten so you can try all of their fragrances and fall in love with them just as much as me!

You can enjoy twelve hours of fragrance from a single wax melt, irradicate lingering smells and eliminate pet odours. Bringing your home to life with your favourite fragrance and enjoy moments of relaxation to ease the worries of everyday living. The colourful combo will brighten up your day and is guaranteed to fill your home with beautiful smelling fragrances that will make all of your visitors jealous.

You know the way some brands say that their products last for so many hours but after about one or two the smell dies out? This brand is not like that at all! Even when I haven't had a candle burning my wax melts, but they're in the wax melter you can still smell them so much which is so beautiful. Everyone who has visited my home has been complimenting me on the fresh amazing smells and no-one can believe that it comes from a small wax melt which is so reasonably priced.

Did I also mention that not only does this fantastic brand do wax melts, but they also do snap bars, soap scrubs and soaps which are all one hundred per cent handmade, cruelty-free and come in eco-friendly packaging! What more could you ask for in a wax melt brand?

I cannot wait to hear what your thoughts are so please let me know on one of my social media pages when you agree out this brand. I'm sending you all so much love!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x