Saturday, 1 August 2020

Hello August | 2020

Hello my loves, I can't believe I'm about to say this but - Happy August! How is it August already? That seems so crazy to me! Its four months until Christmas, let's just let that small fact sink in for a moment. Four months. We are all gonna have our Christmas trees up and praying for snow before we know it. But before we get excited about sparkly lights and stress about what to buy the special people in our lives, let's enjoy the most of the summer we have left. Here's what happened in July...

July for me was pretty much a write off if I'm honest. If you follow me on my Instagram then you'll probably ready know that I was suffering from the worst arthritis flare-up I've had in about fifteen years. It crept up on me out of nowhere and caused so much agony like you wouldn't even believe. I spent pretty much all of July stuck on bed rest (at home) until I could get an appointment with my doctor which was in the morning of Wednesday 15th July, I received a steroid injection and then spent another few weeks on bed rest (again at home) waiting for it to fully kick in, which seemed to take forever and then I got the news that I'm going to be in a wheelchair fulltime. It was really hard to hear but I'm trying to come to terms with the news.

I've ended July celebrating my birthday which was yesterday July (31st). Although we can't celebrate much due to the pandemic, I'm still happy that we are able to celebrate more than we would have a few months ago.

I'd love to know your thoughts so please leave me a little comment of love below and let me know your views? I'm sending you all so much love for a wonderful day x

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. I can’t believe we’re already in August! I hope this month will be full of all positive things for you xx

  2. I really hope that August can be a much more positive month than July Alisha xx

    Lucy |

  3. I cannot believe it's already August! Hopefully, this month holds better things for you than last month.

  4. Happy belated birthday love ♥. I'm so sorry that July wasn't the best for you. I'm hoping and praying for an amazing August!

    Deandra |