Saturday 12 September 2015

Blogger of The Month | TalkBeckyTalk

I have decided to do a new series of blog posts all about other bloggers. I want to do a new post about a new blogger each month, whether they be beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers or any other bloggers out there that I love, I want to share them so you can love them too!

The first blogger I am going to pick is Becky Sheeran otherwise known as TalkBeckyTalk. I have been following Becky's YouTube videos for years now and I just love her.
She is down to earth, beautiful, and her personality shines through her YouTube videos and her blog posts on her website which I find these days very rare.

Taken from Becky's website:
"Becky Sheeran is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger behind the TalkBeckyTalk videos on YouTube. Well known for her down to earth, chatty and bubbly personality, she’s connected with millions of viewers all over the world. With her shabby-chic countryside influence, her reviews and tutorials range from hair and skincare products to go-to drugstore essentials. Having suffered with acne as a teenager, she’s always hunting out top skincare products.

Becky divides her time between YouTube and TV presenting and was nominated last year for the Best New Talent Award at the Royal Television Society Awards. With over 2 years experience presenting for the BBC she now fronts Notts TV as their main anchor. When she’s not presenting you’ll find her hunting out antiques, travelling or drinking lots of tea!

Becky is dedicated to helping inspire and build confidence and has teamed up with Beat Bullying to help unite people and to stop online bullying."

Channel 4 done a series of "Internet Famous" people, and Becky was one of them.

You can find more about Becky by following her on her social media websites:
Becky's Twitter | Becky's YouTube | Becky's Instagram

With love, Alisha Valerie. x