Monday 21 September 2015

TMI Q&A! [Part 2]

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I done one of these blog posts on my own blog a really long time ago (almost three years ago) as I kept getting the more intimate personal questions from people, and to be honest I've always got them type of questions but I've never included them in a Q&A since then because, well you don't really want the question of public hair right after a question like "what is your favourite lip gloss?" if you know what I mean.

This blog post is going to be all a little too much information so if you don't like these type of personal blog posts I would suggest not reading this one. Every single one of these questions have been sent to me by followers and readers of my blog so thank you to everyone who sent them in. 


Do you own anything from Ann Summers? 
I do. I actually own a lot from Ann Summers, it's one of the best shops out there! 

What is your favourite type of underwear, and where do you buy your underwear from? 
I love sexy feminine looking underwear. I like padded bras when it comes to underwear as they make my boobs feel more comfortable in bras. 

What is your bra size and have you always had big boobs?
I have not always had big boobs no, I had a size 32A right the way through my teenage years, it was only until I hit my twenties that my boobs grew and grew. I have never had any type of medication or operations to make my boobs bigger, my boobs really did just grow on their own. I am now a size 36EE/36F.

Are your boobs sisters or twins? 
My boobs are sisters, always have been and always will be. My left boob is a size bigger than my right boob. 

How do you make your boobs fit comfortably in your bra?
I do the "boob scoop" method. 

Have you ever stuffed your bra?
I actually have not. 

Do you wear a bra every day, and do you sleep in your bra?
I don't wear a bra every day nope, as my boobs are so heavy that I sometimes need to give my back a break. I do not ever sleep in my bra at all no. 


When did you first start your period, and where were you? 
I first started when I was eight years old, I had one period and then it stopped until I was eleven and then at age thirteen my periods stopped again until I was sixteen years old. Due to medical reasons and my medication my periods do go up and down sometimes. When I first started I was at a friends house at eight years old, and was at school both times after that. 

Do you use tampons or towels? If yes, what brand? 
I use towels and I use 'Always'. 

Do you have a certain thing you wear when you're on your period? 
Comfortable pjams, and big thick fluffy socks. I like to be as comfortable as possible as I always feel so weak when it's period time. 

Do you like cuddles when you're on your period or do you like to be alone? 
I like to be alone, but also to be cuddled. I like a lot of hot chocolate, junk food, hot water bottles, and my bed. 

Do you get spots when on your period? 
I do. I get really bad spots and a lot of lurkers, you'know them spots that just come up under the skin but don't actually have a 'head' on them? I get a lot of them. 

What do you eat or drink to make yourself feel better when on a period?
I don't like to eat much on my periods but I do love drinking hot chocolate on my periods. The sugar is great for my blood being low during that time. 

Do you change your facial routine when you're on your period?
I do, I like to pamper myself a lot more when on my period. I like to feel clean and fresh a lot of the time.

Do you get mood swings, and how do you deal with mood swings? 
Yeah, I get such bad mood swings at period time. I do as much meditation as possible during period time as it makes me feel a lot calmer. Michael Sealey on YouTube is great for self-meditation.


Who was your first kiss with?
It was with some boy who I knew called Daniel. 

Do you have any piercings or tattoos? 
I don't. I have had my lip, tongue and ears pierced in the past but for medical reasons I have had to remove them. I'm not able to have a tattoo yet, otherwise I would be covered in them lol. 

Would you ever date someone off of the internet?
I'm not sure. I've met some really great friends online but never actually "met" them. I doubt I would do the internet dating thing as I think the distance would be really hard. 

Have you ever had bad dandruff? If so, what do you use to get rid of it?
I really, really do. I have such a sensitive scalp that it's really sore sometimes. You can get a really great treatment which I did a review on, you can read that by clicking here.  Another good treatment is Head and Shoulders, or Johnson's baby shampoo. 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I hope that some of this helps you. Thank you again to everyone who has sent questions into my for this blog post. I hope you all have a wonderful day! 

With love, Alisha Valerie. x