Saturday 5 September 2015

My First Blog Giveaway!

Its that time of year again where I hold my end of a summer blog giveaway. I think in the past I've done about five of these at this time of year.

This blog giveaway IS international. Closing date is going to be: Sunday 27th September at midnight.


I am giving one lucky winner two amazing prizes. Firstly, a beauty and make up lovers essential brush collection set which contains the following brushes: Powder Brush x 1, Blush Brush x 3, Shadow Brush x 14, Fan Brush x 2, Eye Definer Brush x 1, Eye liner Brush x 3, Lipstick Brush x 4, Eyebrow Brush x 1, Eye Applicator Brush x 1, Lash comb & brow comb x 1, Mascara Brush x 1, all wrapped in its own dust bag. (Worth £30!) Secondly, a double paletted eye shadow palette with over 100 eye shadows in. (Worth £20!)

How to Enter:

On the right hand side of my blog (under my about me) you will see a "Contact The Girl" section. Enter via here. You'll need your name, email address and a message box where you can leave your answer.

I want a little message letting me know: what do you like about my blog; is there anything you hate about my blog; what you think I could change about my blog; what is it you would like to see on my blog?

Once you have entered go on my twitter or instagram and let me know in a tweet or comment that you have entered.


+ There will only be one winner
+ No fake names
+ You can only enter once (you could always ask your partner or friends to enter for you too!)
+ If you do enter for someone else you must state this at the bottom of the mail

I am going to be picking a winner from the best mail I receive. I will print screen the mail (obviously blocking out personal information) and put it up on my social network sites. This blog giveaway IS international. Closing date is going to be: Sunday 27th September at midnight.

Good luck!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x