Saturday 19 September 2015

My Autumn & Winter Goals | 2015

Hello my lovelies! First things first; go and grab yourself a warm drink, some munchies and get comfortable because this blog is going to be a little long.

I will be completely honest, I hate winter. I hate the cold, the rainy, and the dullness - it makes me feel miserable. But things are different this year, I'm not sure why honestly but I am actually excited for the autumn and winter time; cosy booties, jumpers and cardigans, warm drinks, candles, home cooking, movie nights, crisp air, Halloween and Christmas. Plus this year on 12th December is going to be Phil and my first year wedding anniversary and it will be so nice to just relax and not have the stress building up that we have had over the past two years. 

Just like I did 'My Summer Goals' here are my goals; 

Print out pictures and put in frames: This is something I've been wanting to do for ages and just haven't gotten around to doing so. We have so many picture frames around our home that need pictures going in its silly. 

Share more make up looks online: I do my make up all the time and never end up taking pictures to put up online, which is terrible as I'm a make up artist and beauty blogger. I know a lot of you keep asking me to take more face of the day posts so I am going to try and remember to do so. 

Be involved in more twitter chats: Although I do get involved as much as possible in the tumblr chats, I am always so busy that I do miss a lot of the chats that do go on twitter. I always make sure that I reply to everyone but actually being involved in the chat is hard sometimes. 

Read at least three books: I have so many books piling up that I want to read that I never seem to have time to do so, but it's going to be autumn and winter time and my plan is instead of always listening to music when in the car, taking one of my books and reading some of that instead. 

Watch at least four new movies: Just like my book list I really have a massive list on my movie list of lots of movies that I want to watch. I am planning to watch a lot more movies over the autumn and winter time so Phil and me can have cosy nights in. (Done!)

Visit Blackpool Lights: I haven't been to see Blackpool lights in years and I really want to go this year. My mum and me have been talking about going on a family day out to Blackpool to see the lights for a while so I'm hoping that we can all go as a family sometime soon, as it's really hard to get together sometimes because of everyone's work schedule. 

Decorate our home for Halloween: I really regretted not decorating our home up for last year's Halloween. We were supposed to have a party with all our friends but a couple of days before the party was planned I was really taken unwell, and I spend days leading up to Halloween in bed sick. So this Halloween, I am determined to decorate our home and have a great Halloween even though we are just staying home and going to watch horror movies. (Done!)

Visit Croxteth Park at winter time: Croxteth Park is such a beautiful place in the summer time, I would love to see what it looks like in the autumn time with all the leafs changing colour and the winter time in the frost and snow. I done a review of "Out Day Out at Croxteth Hall, Farm & Park".

Watch the sun set over the River Mersey in Liverpool: I have been wanting to do this for so long, and I would really love to do this all snuggled up with Phil in my new coat and my new scarf, my boots, a ho drink, I basically think it would just be wonderful and romantic. 

Bake more: I have so many things I want to bake, and baking really makes me feel lovely. I usually bake coffee cup cakes for my Nan as she loves them, and lemon cake for my dad who loves lemon cake. I'm not the best with decorating and icing cakes (probably because I don't eat icing so don't care for it much) but I love baking them. 

Loose some weight and exercise more: I only want to loose one dress size, and because of health reasons I have to be careful how I loose weight as I do need to eat a couple of bits of junk food too otherwise I can flare up, and end up worse and in a lot of pain. I am a UK size 14 and I want to be a UK size 12 so I'm hoping to do so. (Done!)

Sort out my wardrobe and clothes; sell/donate more stuff: I have so many clothes it's silly. I really want to sort them out completely and give some to charity. (Done!)

Cook meal for entire family: I haven't had a meal with my entire family since last year which was when we had our pre-wedding meal with the family, so I really want to make some time to do that with my husband, brother, parents, grandparents, Phil's mother and Phil's brother too. 

Decorate our home for Christmas: Just like Halloween, we didn't decorate our home much for Christmas either so this year I really want to do so this year. Two years ago we had such a hard time at Christmas time as many people now, so this year we really want to go-all-out and decorate our home and remember our daughter in the best way possible. (Done!)

Schedule more blogs: I am really hoping to be at least two weeks ahead always when scheduling my blog posts, as sometimes I do take unwell and I have to take some time out and just have a rest so I want to make sure that I am ahead so I don't fall behind as I am seeming to do lately. (Done!)

If you are doing an autumn or winter goals blog post let me know and send me links so I can read them all as I love them! Or if you have ever been to any of the places I am planning to go to this summer again let me know as it would be cool to share stories and maybe we are even going on the same day - how cool would that be?!

I hope you all enjoyed this more personal side to me in this blog, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x