Tuesday 8 September 2015

Makeup Kits | Every Day Bag

Welcome to part two of this little series, I do hope you all enjoyed the first blog. This blog is a little sneak peak inside "what's in my make up bag in my day bag?", I am going to be doing an updated "what's in my bag?" blog soon so make sure you come back and check that out. But for now, let's get into this blog... 

Pack the following essentials in a small bag: 
- One or two palettes that contain your foundation, concealer, blush and lip colour. I prefer taking a bb cream, concealer and blush with built in high lighter most days though.
- A basic eye palette (the smaller the better): I got my mini POP one in one of my subscription boxes, I can't remember which one though. 
- Mini mascara
- Lip gloss and lip stick, or lip balm. I did a review on the Maybelline lip colours that I like to wear day to day. You can read that by clicking here.
- Mini brushes
- Perfume

I hope you all enjoyed part two of this blog, and I hope it helps some of you out. Have a great day!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x