Monday 28 September 2015

My Pamper Routine

AD | Hello beautiful's! This blog post has been requested so much since starting this new blog so I thought I best get around to doing it. I'm doing to do it in steps as I think that will be a little bit more explained than just saying what products I use.

1. First thing I do is run a bath and whenever I have had a pamper I always light some candles and use some sort of bath bomb, or bubble bath, or bath soak, or just something that is going to make me feel wonderful whilst I soak in the bath. My current favourites are from Bomb Cosmetics.

Whilst the bath is filling, I brush my hair through and get all the tangles out then tye it up out of the way of my face. I actually bought a new Tangle Tamer recently and I really love it so I would recommend them to everyone.

I then use my Elizabeth Arden Makeup Remover. This is one of the best make up removers I have ever used, I pop some onto a cotton pad and remove all of my makeup and dirt, and then wipe my face with a warm watered face cloth.

Next thing I use is a face mask, these change on a weekly basis as I like to try a lot of new ones but this week I am using the Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Face Mask. It was the first time using this one and I really, really loved it. It smelt amazing and felt wonderful on my skin.

Whilst I have to leave this on for 15 minutes by bath is filled so I get into my bath and just have a little relax; think about the week, what's coming up, and just generally relax. I usually listen to some music as well at this point and 90% of the time it is Ed Sheeran.

Once it's time to wash my face mask off, I do so and then I wash my hair. I suffer from dandruff right now due to a problem when dying my hair blonde a few months back so I am currently using Head and Shoulders Shampoo to get rid off it all.

Because I am suffering from dandruff I like to use either an argan oil, or a hair smoothie, or some sort of hair product to get my hair feeling moisturised again. This week I'm using the Montagne Jeunesse Moisture Miracle & Ultra Shine Serum. This stuff is great if you are suffering with brittle hair or split ends.

Whilst the hair mask in on, I like to use a face scrub. I have been using the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash for months now and it's my favourite one I have ever used. Highly recommend trying this!

When it's time to take my hair mask off, I do so and then have a good scrub in the bath. I am going to be doing a separate blog post on what I use in the bath so keep an eye out for that. Usually, when I get out of the bath, Phil makes me a cup of tea or hot chocolate which is waiting for me and I always forget to thank you so thank you for all the time you do that for me Phil and all the times I know you will in the future.

Once I'm out the bath, I put on some of my Soap and Glory Flake Away with shea butter, sugar and peach seed body polish onto my feet to give them a little bit of luxury as I don't like using this stuff on my body as I makes me go red but on my feet it works great.

I next use my Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie and I honestly adore this stuff. It makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised and smells amazing.

Whilst that is soaking in I go in for a full facial routine. I first use some facial wipes and right now I'm using the Halo Facial Wipes which I received in one of my subscription boxes. I am not the biggest fan of these, I don't think they are very good for can't really complain when they came in a subscription box.

To make sure everything is off my skin I next use my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water I really love this stuff. Highly recommend to everyone! Then I just wipe my face over with a warm watered face cloth.

I then use my Garnier Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Scrub. This is a recent addition for me, I do really like charcoal scrubs. I like the way it tingles on my skin and you can actually feel like it's doing some work.

Next I use my Purity Plus + 2 in 1 Cleansing and Toning Lotion to get rid of all my acne I get on my chin and the sides of my nose. Toner is really good for people with ance as it really shrinks your pores down.

After about two minutes, I use my Nivea Creme Moisturiser on my face and neck. I have been using this stuff for over ten years, I really love it.

Once my Montagne Jeunesse Buriti Fruit Body Smoothie is all soaked in, I use my The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter and run that all into my skin. I really love The Body Shop body butters.

I don't like using The Body Shop's body butter on my feet so I use my Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera and rub that into my feet and toes. I know you're supposed to rub this into damp skin but I don't feel like it does anything for me if my skin's damp so I just wait until I am dry to use this.

One thing I forgot to take a picture of is my Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub. This stuff smells amazing and really seems to help my lips out, getting rid of all the cracked lips due to the cold weather.

Lastly I use my The Body Shop Lip Balm in Frosted Cranberry. If you've been following me for a while you will know that I love lip balms, and I really love the taste of this. It keeps my lips moisturised and feeling fresh all night.

Once I'm all done I like to go and chill with Phil and Daisy, and maybe watch a movie and catch up on some reading and just generally relax for the night.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. If you have any requests or would like me to review any of the products mentioned just let me know. Have a wonderful day beautiful's!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x