Wednesday 13 January 2016

My Winter Morning Routine

Hello beautiful's! I've been asked to do 'My Morning Routine' and show everyone what I get up to of a morning basically. I personally don't think my mornings are very interesting so if this blog post is boring to you so I'm very sorry if it is. This is going to be 'My Winter Weekday Morning Routine'.

5 am: Phil usually wakes me up either by his alarm going off or him getting out of bed for work. Once Phil gets out of bed, Daisy will climb on the bed and have snuggles with me.

8 am: My alarm will go off, I've had a pee (TMI!), and have a cup of tea. Tea for me on a morning is my wake up call, I love coffee so much but I can't function without a cup of tea first thing of a morning. I'll climb back into bed to drink my tea whilst cuddling Daisy and checking my mobile. Phil always texts me of a morning once he's got to work so I will text him back, call my Nan to say good morning, browse my social media and reply to any comments I've been given over night.

8.30 am: I'll finally get out of bed and then I go into the bathroom, brush my teeth and have a bath. Whilst my bath is running I will go onto the top landing of our home and do my work out routine; because I have RA I only work out for ten minutes each day but that really does make a different to me in my life. Once finished with my workout my bath is usually filled up. As a lot of you already know my hair and scalp have been so bad this year due to me dying my hair blonde and then orange, so I have only been washing my hair three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) otherwise my scalp goes really dry, red, itchy and sore. Whilst in the bath I will ex-foliate my face, use a wash off face cleanser, a body scrub, a body wash and sometimes a body conditioner. I love having baths of a morning too as it really relaxes me and I come out of the bathroom all prepared for the day ahead.

9 am: I get out the bath around this time and also when in the bath I love to put my towel on the bathroom heater so when I get out of the bath into the cold I can wrap my warm towel around me. I go into my make up room and finish my little morning pamper routine by then using serum, eye cream, facial spray and moisturiser on my face. But then of course my body needs some pamper love and I use a body butter, deodorant, body spray and perfume. Every night I pick the clothes I'm going to wear for the next day so I don't have to do so that morning as I like to be prepared so then I will get dressed and if it's a day where I've washed my hair I will dry my hair and do my make up for the day.

10 am: Breakfast time. I will chill and have my breakfast around 10 am what I have for breakfast really differs each day, sometimes I will have boiled eggs and toast or scrambled eggs, beans and fried mushrooms or I'll keep it simple and just have fruit and a yoghurt. Whilst munching on my breakfast I catch up on a television programme I've missed, watch some YouTube videos or I'll just brain storm and jot down some ideas for my blog.

10.30 am: It's play time for me and Daisy at 11.30 am and I will have half an hour just chilling with Daisy, playing with one of her toys with her and generally just spending some time with her as I really hate the thought of her feeling lonely during the day whilst I'm working. Once we are done playing she will go and have a nap somewhere in the house until Phil comes home from work (around 1 pm - 2 pm) and then he will take her out for her first walk of the day.

11 am: Once 11 am comes I go into my make up room and I start blogging for the day.

My weekday morning can differ if I have a meeting or if I am going out early in the day but this is my basic weekday morning.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and it wasn't too much of a boring post for you all. Do you have a morning routine? Let me know by linking it to be below in a comment or by tweeting me.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

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