Tuesday 26 January 2016

Book of The Month | The Secret

What am I reading? 

Hello beautiful's! Today's blog post is my very first blog post but my new monthly series. I have a massive list of books that I want to get through so I though, why not read a book a month and then review the book on my blog? I hope you all enjoy this little monthly series of books and if you want to request a book for me to read and review then please feel free to do so. This months book is...

Note: I already know I'm going to get a lot of mixed comments about this blog post so please be nice if you're going to leave a hateful comment or just don't bother, and please don't swear. 

I know a lot of people hate this book because it's introducing "brain washing", a "cult", and "disturbing" but I don't believe that at all. I know a lot of people who love this book. I am someone who loves this book. You may have seen on my twitter page sometimes I mention a hashtag called #LawofAttraction. Well that is what the secret is about. The people who pass judgement on "The Secret" are the people who don't understand it and who actually haven't read it themselves.

"The Secret is a best-selling 2006 self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne. It is based on the Law of Attraction and claims that positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased happiness, health, and wealth. The book has sold more than nineteen million copies worldwide and has been translated into fourty-six languages. It has attracted a great deal of controversy and criticism for its claims, and has been parodied on several TV programs."

First of all please take what I say here as a massive thing. I am a very cynical, logical and most of all realistic person so for me reviewing this on my blog as my first book is a great thing. I love this book, it helped me not only with my anxiety but also with my ulcerative colitis. I personally believe that reading this book has changed my life, no.. I know this book has changed my life. It's changed my views on not just myself, the people around me but also on how I view the world. It's learned me that believing in myself I can over-come everything and anything the world throws at me.

This book also helped me with my blog. At the beginning of last year (2015) I had given up on my blog, I had been blogging for over ten years and really didn't feel like I was getting anywhere with it. I re-read The Secret and believing in myself I stuck to it, and out of no-where got myself a sponsorship. I was more than over-the-moon as you can imagine, and I believe that believing in myself got me that sponsorship. Does that even make sense?

"The Secret posits that the law of attraction is a natural law which determines the complete order of the universe and of our personal lives through the process of "like attracts like". The author, Rhonda Byrne, claims that as we think and feel, a corresponding frequency is sent out into the universe which attracts back to us events and circumstances on that same frequency. For example, if you think angry thoughts and feel angry, it is claimed that you will attract back events and circumstances that cause you to feel more anger. Conversely, if you think and feel positively, you will attract back positive events and circumstances. Proponents of the supposed law claim that desirable outcomes such as better health, wealth, and happiness can be attracted simply by changing one's thoughts and feelings. For example, some people believe that using "The Secret" can cure cancer. There is no scientific basis to the idea that thoughts by themselves can affect anything physical, such as serious illness."

Since The Secret has been released there is also a couple of more books that have been released; The Power, The Magic, etc. Again, I know a lot of people have negative comments about these books and about the Law of Attraction in general making comments such as "the only people making big money from this are the people who are behind it."

You can choose to listen to bad reviews or you could not be a sheep and make your own discussion on these series of books. You can this incredible book by clicking here from Amazon. I would love to hear all your thoughts, views and opinions on this book.

Hope you have a wonderful day everyone! And remember, always believe in you.

With love, Alisha Valerie. x


  1. Sounds intriguing! I like reading different books so I might try this. Great review xx

    1. It's such a good book, I'd love to know your thoughts if you do read it. xoxo

  2. I watched the movie version of the book about 18 months ago and never looked back, I was a very pessimistic person beforehand but this book also changed my life. I got The Power and The Magic for Christmas and can't wait to crack on with them xx

    1. Its amazing ins't it?! So many more people in the world need to read and watch this.