Saturday, 23 January 2016

Personal Update | Jan '16

Hello beautiful's,

First the first time since I started blogging (so over ten years now) I have no clue how to start this blog post. If you've been watching my snapchat's then you'll be wondering what's been going on in my life because basically all I've been snapping about is how messy our home is right now and the reason that Phil and me are sleeping downstairs in our dining room.

I am now the official host of the #LTBLOGGERS twitter chat every Friday at 1pm! I'm so excited to join the #LTBLOGGERS team on twitter. I have so many ideas of what I want to talk all of you lovely people about, but if you have an idea, question or topic you would like to see discussed then please get in touch with me either by commenting below on this blog post or by tweeting me. If you're about on a Friday at 1pm then don't forget to drop in, say hello and use the hash tag and my @ so I can see who's getting involved. If you don't know what a twitter chat is or if you'd like to know about another twitter chat time etc then don't forget to check out my "Twitter Chats"  blog post to keep up to date. Also if there isn't a chat on there which you know about please let me know so I can add it for others. Thank you!

Princess Daisy.
If you seen this blog post then you will know our little puppy is officially one years old! Our Daisy isn't a little puppy any more. I seriously cannot believe how quickly the time has gone - it's crazy.

Blogging Life. 
I posted a picture on my snapchat which was showing that I have scheduled 33 blog posts to go live on my blog between now and April - well obviously other than my monthly favourites as I'll be doing them at the end of every month to schedule on 1st of each new month. Everyone was telling me how organised I am etc but did you know when I do blog posts 95% of them are done and scheduled at least three months in advance. I have to be that organised with my sponsorship! If you haven't seen my blog about about "Bomb Cosmetics" or about "Father Blissmas" then please check them out because I am so happy with doing them. Also if you want to know more about blogging or about sponsorships then please read my "Blogging and Sponsorship Tips" blog post which may hopefully help you out a little.

We Are Moving House! 
It's official, we are moving house! I know Phil and me were talking about it for about a year or so and we did start looking a little bit about moving back to Liverpool, and we have decided that's what we are going to be doing. We are actually moving next month so right now between looking after our little Daisy, my sponsorship hours, Phil's working hours, family time days, blogging and networking events, and anything else we are packing our home up into boxes to make the move happen. Which means "My Winter Morning Routine" has completely gone out the window as we are basically living in our living room so everything from the other rooms gets packed away. Which is why we are now living, sleeping and eating in our old living room - moving house means crazy times!

Other than working and seeing family that is all I have been up to and I'm able to update you on. Although, as you can tell I'm going to be busy, I may not reply to you as quickly as I usually do on social media but I promise I will do so to all of you within 48 hours. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

With love, Alisha Valerie. x

[Disclaimer: This blog post was not sponsored. All opinions and comments are my own.]


  1. Girl you're so organised I'm desperately tryna get organised with blog posts but as soon as I think I've done it Something will throw it all off ( usually a sponsored post) .. Can't wait to get involved in a Twitter chat with you soon. I love how supportive the blogging community is towards eachother

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting lovely! If you're struggling a little take a read at my "Blogging and Sponsorship Tips" blog post as I think it may help you out a little bit :) Can't wait to talk to you in a chat soon!

    2. PS. Babe your blog link doesn't work? <3

  2. I need to get as organised as you 😂 Dogs grow up so fast! My little pup is four now 😭 moving to Liverpool?! We'll have to meet up sometime 😊 xo

    1. I love how you call your four-year-old dog still a pup! Such a good Puppy-Mummy :D Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the blog post babe, it really means the world to me! Yes we are moving to Liverpool, I really cannot wait at all!